GRG Madden 19 Fantasy Draft League Sign Ups

Madden 19 is just around the corner. @TEXENT @shortbus @beers_and_leafs and myself always run a league that runs for the whole year. It is fun and somewhat competitive. Still waiting for someone to keep me out of the Super Bowl.

Joking aside. We like to play more than one game a week. Ideally we would like to get 2 weeks of the season in every real life week. We will wait for a bit but if you don’t get your games in they will get simulated. Also this is a fantasy draft league. You will need to be able to sit for 2 hours and draft players and 2 more hours at the end of every season for off season stuff.

Current Teams & Owners:

Cleveland Browns - Coach Gibson Rickenbacker - D1g1TalC1PHERS
Cincinnati Bengals - Coach Phillip Sauvage - TEXENT
TBD - Coach Frank Dux - Shortbus
Washington Redskins - Coach Chance Boudreaux - Niteowlman

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You seem excited.

Honestly felt like replying was a formality at this point :grinning:

Really tho I am excited to see some of the changes that have been announced. I like the custom draft classes and that offensive/defensive schemes seem to matter more this year. We will see how it shakes out but overall I’m just happy CFM is getting some much needed refreshing


New Phone, who dis?


Come on guys, we need some fresh meat, I mean, we would love to have a couple division’s worth of players this year. It’s all in fun!

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Madden 19 - where dreams go to die, especially if you are a Browns fan.

@beers_and_leafs are you getting it? Waiting for free?

@shortbus when can you draft? I know you will be doing some traveling.

I’ll be out of town through Thursday Night this coming week (Aug 6th-10th) and that means Friday would be a stretch. So I could make a draft work Sunday, Monday Or Tuesday that week of the 13th for sure.

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I think I pre-ordered it and will have it on the 10th.

I can do August 12th after 7, 13th after 9, 14th after 9 or 15th after 7

I’m in. Just impulse preordered Madden after skipping it last year and I’ve wanted to do an organized online fantasy draft league for a while now.

I’m pretty flexible on draft times and am mostly free over the next week or two outside of work hours.


I’m available to draft basically whenever, after 8pm tho just to make sure I’m off I’m time. Unless it’s a weekend and I’m good whenever

Hey, so I know I said I’d be in, but I just played the EA Access trial and I kind of hate how the game plays. It looks great, but after four games it seems it’s impossible to run the ball because the ball carrier for some reason is slower than the DTs and no one can hold their blocks for more than .5 seconds, and every hit on a receiver seems to force an incompletion. I tried messing with the sliders and putting the difficulty all the way down to Pro and the same stuff was happening. It was just frustrating and didn’t feel fun to play unfortunately, so I’m going to bow out. Enjoy the league though!

I feel your frustration for sure. I get so irritated with receivers dropping the ball after getting hit. If you change your mind, just let one of us know and we will get you in

It just takes practice. I rush for typically 20-25 times a game for 150+ yards and a few TDs on All-pro.

If it doesn’t feel fun though no reason to get it. Madden can be a frustrating beast sometimes.

Yea I’ve been able to run in the past games, and I was excited to play this one as a Giants fan since Barkley, OBJ, Shep, and Engram should be a fun video game offense, but it just seemed kinda clunky. It was just tough to justify spending the $60 on it, especially since I know I’d play a lot less often once NBA 2K releases.

Can you play this just by having an EA Access sub?
Or is this not one of the covered titles…

Madden 19 will be free on EA Access after the season is over. We normally are still playing then.