GRG PGA Tour 16 Tournament Series Sign Ups & Discussion

On May 10th EA Access is releasing PGA Tour 16 to the Vault. I am going to run a tournament series for anyone that is interested.

It will work like this. Every month I will host 2 nights where we all get together for a round of golf. That makes the series 9 weeks long as there are 18 courses. I think 4 people can play together at a time and we all should be able to fit into a party. Booze is required.

I will even be throwing in some curve balls as far as settings. Windy conditions, different tee boxes etc. I will be keeping up with the standings and the person with the most top 3 finishes will be named our champion, Most #1 finishes being the tie breaker, if still tied a play off round of 3 holes on the course of my choosing. Please remember to report your score.

I will have another topic pinned with the schedule and game settings so there are no misunderstandings for who ever may be hosting a game.

Sign up if your are interested. You do not have to make it to every night but that will penalize you in the championship race. That is not what this is about though. Let’s get drunk, talk shit, and smack a little white ball around. Game night TBD once I have a number on who is interested.


This is awesome. I’m in. It’s not the best PGA game, but for “free” in the vault, well worth playing.

How do we decide who is which character? Or just get whomever and go to town?

I have a couple of ideas.

  1. Pick who you want from the pros. If everyone is Speith so be it. No customs.

  2. I designate 1 golfer for the week and everyone plays as that golfer. No Customs.

  3. Custom golfers and Pros pick what you want.

I am all for this. I’ve got shit nights off now (Monday, tues, wed) but I’ll def play any of those days.

I like picking who we want. Or having you pick

Who are you Johnny? Hedging.

Great idea. Sounds like fun.
Depending on the the number of guys who play, you could predetermine everybody’s character for each week. you have 9 weeks and you post the schedule with the course and everybody’s character for that course.
I did not play this one so I don’t know how many guys are playable in the game. Would there be a big advantage or disadvantage to playing with customs?

Problem with predetermining is not all characters are equal.

I am sure we can work it out on the weekends. The more we have the better.

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Bump. This hits tomorrow.

I will be setting up the info for the first round in the next couple of days. We will probably aim for Saturday 5/10 as our first night.

Do you guys have a time in mind? 8pm EST, 9pm EST?

I’d stick with 9 EST, just to keep it consistent

Edit : I could swear I said 9 BST. Weird.

Count me in on this one.

Current golfers:

Al Greasy

Part timers:


Infortunately @D1G1TALC1PHERS you’ll have count me as part timer. I work fri to mon nights so anything on those nights I’ll be a scratch unless I’m off.

Count me in, I have for PS4 but will purchase the EA Access so I can play XB1 side

We can work something out. Maybe you play when you can and send me a screenshot of score. We will figure it out.

I see how it is. Just ignore me. Saturday nights should work for me. im rarely not home. 9est is the earliest i can probably work out.

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That’s what I get for tying to respond from my phone.

Cool we will see what we can work out. Thanks I appreciate it.

Round One Course, Rules, and settings: