GRG - The Potato Farm (Conan Exiles Server Info)

I am currently setting up a 10 man Conan Exiles server. I thought it would be cool to try out a Free for all PVP server. 1 man clans only. It is also modded.

Mod List:

Levelcapincrease - Play to lvl 100 - 40 more attribute points - Enough Feat points to unlock all recipes

LTs Farming - Adds more crafting and farming to the game

Immersive Salvaging and Smelting - This mod allows you to use a furnace and tannery to break down metal-based/non-metaliic weapons and armor into a small portion of their original components.

Shadow Dynasty’s Coin & Trade - Brings currency into the game and allows you to make NPC vendors to sell your wares.

Pick it Up - This mod allows you to pick up some of the crafting stations and more.

Free Climbing - reduces the stamina cost of climbing to 0

Rare_Weaponry - Rare weapons that can only be found in world.

75% More Women - All NPCs spawn 75% women, Entertainers are 90% women

SlaverMod - Don’t ask! LOL I just want the throne

GreekAquilonian Armors - Greek themed armor for some classic bronze age adventuring.

Iron Sickle - Already got bloody fingers from collecting plant fiber? Try this Sickle made for harvesting crops, forged of iron.

Stack increase + - Stacks increased to 2000 and weight is all been halved for many items

[Deco FTW- Creatures - This Mod adds various animated creatures and animals as decorative placeables so you can pimp your builds and create an immersive experience.

Deco FTW - Rock Hard - This Mod converts various rock-type objects to decorative placeables so you can pimp your builds and create an immersive experience.

Deco FTW - Flora - This Mod adds various plants as decorative placeables so you can pimp your builds and create an immersive experience.

PVP Rules:

  1. You can kill on sight
  2. You can only kill a person 1 time per hour
  3. You can not take their stuff
  4. Trolling or griefing will be punished

Server Information:
Name: The Potato Farm
IP: ( if that port doesn’t work try 7777 )
Pass: GRG123

Once I have the mods loaded I will start the server up. I will keep you informed.

Just tagging everyone I know that plays…
@CaptainPeeJ @anon3687162 @Grex @anon42851937 @TheBodyFarmer @ZombieSwepper @EnyoBellona @unobtainaballs


DAMMIT. I just started 7 days to die.

Hate you right now.


I am playing that also. I will have this server up for awhile. Want to explore the north and play around with the mods.

Are there clan alliances in this game?

Not sure.

I am hoping it will still allow us to do things (dungeons, exploring, etc) together but still have a little fun with PVP in the process with out it being stressful. In reality if the PVP part becomes an issue I will switch it to PVE.

My main goals are building, exploring, and fighting the bosses.

You forgot to mention peen jousting.

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The server is up. You need to subscribe to all the mods on the Steam Workshop. Once you do that go in game to the mods section. Add the mods in this order…

LTs Farming
Immersive Salveging & Smelting
Shadow Dynasty’s Coing and Trade
Pick it Up
Free Climbing
75% more women
Deco FTW - Flora
Slaver mod
GreekAquilonian Armor
Iron Sickle
Stack Increase+
Deco FTW - Creatures
Deco FTW - Rock hard



EXP is crazy fast. got like seven levels before I could even craft a pair of pants. Crafting is pretty slow. might want to bump it up a bit.

The only way to rock!

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Yea I noticed that. I will be toying around with the settings more.

I took the liberty of creating this mod collection for those that dont have all the mods so you dont have to go searching for them. Just doing my duties as a good forum citizen for the year!!!


Something is wrong with the server. I am going to be doing trouble shooting today. I finally made it up north and I keep falling under the world and then drowning. I don’t know if a mod is causing this or what.

Be prepared for a full wipe. I don’t think anyone besides myself has put a lot of time into but if you have put in a lot of time and anren’t happy about starting over I can level you up with admin and spawn you some mats. Just let me know. If there are any mod changes I will post them as soon as i know.

I was waiting until I get back if people are still on it.

New stuff comes in May. I figure that is when people will jump on. I think instead of going up north to build I am going to go close to the future jungle biome so i can walk right over to it when it releases.

Yeah that is pretty much what I am waiting for. Will play to get max rank.

I haven’t really played it. Sorry. Had good intentions. PUBG seems to always win.

The game looks a lot better now. I’m going to jump back in.

Just a heads up the server is up and ready to go. I wiped the old one and removed the mods. So we should just have to update on the 8th and everything should be fine.

If you plan to build I would take a look at where the new biomes are so you don’t have your building destroyed from maps changes. This may still happen as we don’t really now how much of the map is actually changing. If the destruction is bad I can spawn the mats in so you can rebuild.

Note this @anon36214017 Well the whole post not what mobile copied.

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Yeah i am holding off playing until launch and then going to pick a new spot to build at. somewhere pretty far north.