Group up on Battlefield 1

Hey guys I’m new here. I’m Johnny
Was trying to get a solid group going around 8 pm eastern on battlefield 1

Message me PSN FORCH124


@PlayStationPlayers and specifically @catsweat @Cptnkillr should be able to help you get in a group tonight.

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Welcome to the group. PSN xXCptnXx

Welcome Johnny.

Feel free to drop a thread in the Introduce Yourself subforum to talk a bit about yourself.

A few others play BF1 on PS4 but like JohnnyHustler said - those two are the guys to hit up for a group.

See you online.

Hey everyone Rabbit here. Looking for a squad/group that could use a scout. Psn: mylilbronie (dont let the name fool you🙏)

Welcome to the party pal! PSN: DuvalFunk I’ll be on a bit later than 8 for some BF1 goodness.

Welcome aboard @SniperWedding
PSN xXCptnXx I will try and make an appearance in BF1 tonight. Friend request sent.

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Nice thanks. What time are you playing?

Welcome aboard.

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Things are not looking good for gaming tonight. Maybe after 9:30 or so… crazy “real life” day I’ve been dealing with

It’s all good Cap. If your not on by the time I am then we can just catch each other some other time. You ever play any erlier than 8?

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Thanks man. I’m not currently online but feel free to add me on psn

Welcome to GRG!

Usually I’m on at 4pm until 9:30ish. I work super early

Oh thank goodness.
I can’t snipe for shit in BF1…

I moved this to the Introduce Yourself Category.

I also added you to the BF1 Players Group and the PS4 Players Group

@BattlefieldPlayers @PlayStationPlayers

You can see who’s in the groups here:

PS4 Player Group List

Battlefield Players Group List

Make sure to add some people to your friends list and hop in some games!