Has Bungie screwed up ???

If you haven’t been to the Bungie Destiny web lately , you might want to check it out . The forums there are blowing up with a whole lot of pissed off people raging about the Taken King DLC coming out . I have never seen so many upset people , on any forum page , for any game ( that includes World of Tanks which always has someone bitching ) that has ever been played . Not even the complaints about quick scopers on COD raised this much hell . Some are funny as hell while others will make you think and agree with their comments . Bungie ( Activision doesn’t give a fuck and has no comment ) is going to have their hands full doing damage control on their game for the next few days . Torches and pitchforks are on the march !!!

Fanboys rage hard.

its like people dont even read anymore…

there is a link to a very good article on kotaku about whats going on and the interview taht REALLY pissed everyone off. he also talks about the back and forth struggle the community has had with Destiny and how the bigger picture it just looks like players are being strung along to spend more money (no shit).

exactly, when do we get our dance moves?? or are they gonna star selling emoticons microtransaction style??

The thing is, with that interview, they tied the guys hands and he isn’t a PR guy. He couldn’t have said anything anyway. I’m sure Bungie said “say this. Nothing more” Bungie isn’t stupid.

well… i dunno, seemed kinda like he bungie guy was the one to bring it up. in the article on kotaku, they said that you can’t get tone out of reading text, and the interviewer said it was a good interview, not very serious and dull… who knows. It is still annoying tho, there should be a $60 edition for those that already have the game. problem solved… people would bitch about the price but it doesnt matter.