Hello all!

I am a fan of battlefield one and Forza 6. I am excited to meet and game with you guys and gals. I would love to squad up with you and race some too. ok thanks


Welcome DirtyD.

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Welcome to GRG! Good games the other night!

I added you to the @BattlefieldPlayers group. (Info here) This way you’ll get alerted for any BF events. We have a Forza group but that’s mainly for Horizons 3, I’m not sure how many have Forza 6 here.

Also, I added you to my friends lists.

XBox Gamer Tag - Lala Calamari

GT: DuvalFunk Adding you now.

There are a bunch of us that play BF1 at the moment so I’m sure you will be able to find a squad. Once again, Welcome!


I also sent a GRG XBox Club invite.

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Thanks for the welcome. I had a great time the other night. I am not the best shot but I will play my role and the objective.

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You’ve come to the right place then, no one can shoot for shit.

Welcome aboard.

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Welcome to GRG. Sent a FR your way.

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Welcome to GRG! FR on the way

Welcome to the community.

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Welcome! Forza you say? I do need to play more Forza… FR sent.

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Welcome Dirty.
Don’t worry about K/D in BF1 - if you PTFO then you’ll make your whole squad happy!

Welcome to this fucked up family we call GRG.

GT beers and leafs

I am not overly concerned with my k/d. just as long as someone kills that bastard that killed me!

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Hello Dirty! Forza 6 you say? I have that but I’ve never taken it online. I did notice that your drivatar with whom I often raced…was pure evil! I swear your car would go a lap down just to bang into my car. From that point on I’ve always assumed the “D” in Dirty D stood for driver. Welcome to GRG Dirty Driver!

Thats odd? I pride myself on racing clean. I will not give up position easily however. Oh there is that some times that I don’t have a good view of the track due to me tilting back my beer. We Should have a race some time.

Welcome to GRG.
The Body Farmer on the X1