I play on xbox ark and warframe are my main guilty pleasures. Thanks for having me. I also came late at night. Central time


Welcome to GRG! Tried to send a FR, but it doesn’t find you as Letsziggy. Send one my way to JohnnyHustler

Welcome aboard.

I added you. I don’t know why it didn’t show up

I see why…there’s a space I didn’t put in - Lets Ziggy


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Welcome to the community.

Welcome to the community.

Welcome Ziggy!

For Warframe I’d hit up @quantumklutz and @ReaperMan10.
See one of the latest threads here and an older one with lots of informative videos here (you may not need them).

For Ark it would be @TheBodyFarmer and @SoulTerror.
Latest thread is here.

There is also a forum group for Ark here.
You can check out other forums groups here, along with a thread that explains the purpose of forum groups

We will get you added to the Xbox community too, makes it easier to add people by gamertags that way.
EST is probably the most common here but there are others from across the US and the globe.

I will add you on XBL (Olz 2).

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Welcome! I have a dedicated Ark server for Xbox. Send me a PM or something for information.



Welcome to GRG!