Hey Everyone.

Hey All,

I’m 29, husband & father, and love gaming on primarily PC, but also PS4. My job takes me on the road during the day so most of my time gaming is in the evenings and on weekends. My niche genre is RPG & Strategy games but am down to play most anything. (Recently been playing HOTS & Overwatch as well)

Looking forward to grouping up and getting to know you.


Welcome aboard

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Here you go.

Feel free to throw me a friend request at sjam613 on Steam and I will get you added to the Steam group.

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Perfect! Thanks.

Welcome to the community.

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Welcome to GRG


Welcome! Do you like single and or multi player RPGs? What is your favorite strategy game? I’ve always been fond of the Civilization series. I’ve been thinking about getting Civ 6. I’ve got Endless Legend and played it a little.

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Yep! Played a little bit of Civ 6, but I’ve never really taken the time to learn the series. Cool game though. Buddy of mine has played a lot of Endless Legend. I haven’t played but would be down to fire it up. Currently playing a lot of Final Fantasy 14 with the new expansion that dropped.

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Welcome Zane.
I will add you on PS4 shortly (Olz_3).

Let me know if you ever want to play something and see me on PSN.
I’m on PC too, so I’m sure I will.

I’ve also added you to @PS4Players, through which I (and others, even you) can tag in forum posts to get attention for items of interest or call-outs for game nights.

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Welcome to GRG Zane.

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Welcome to GRG!

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Welcome dude. Im on PC and PS4 as well and you are more than welcome to add me on both. PSN MohawkViking.

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Cool, will do!

Awesome! Sounds good.