Howdy all!

Thanks for the acceptance! Finally I found a decent gaming community! I’ve been a gaming for years, on both PC and Xbox, however I took somewhat of a sabbatical from gaming for a while (life stuff) but recently got back to it. Been playing as much as possible with work friends, but have really wanted to find another good community to get to know. So, here I am.

I work a rotating shift, so my gaming times are hit and miss, but I look forward to playing with as many of you guys and possible. I’ve got most of the main titles for Xbox, but I’m on PC more often (PUBG, Destiny 2, Battlefield, Arma 3, GTAv, Diablo 3) and recently guild wars 2 and debating on restarting in WoW… I’m up for new games too, so suggestions are welcome.



A lot of our PC ADHD squad are either playing the new Bless Online or wish washing on buying it to play currently as far as MMO goes.

Console side is doing all sorts of games.

Welcome! Good group of guys playing D2 on Xbox and a few or us are getting back into GTA V. I will add you to the FL when I get off work.

Welcome to GRG! Sent a FR to you via XBL.

Welcome to GRG!

I’m mainly on the PS4 but do have a Xbox I dust off occasionally.

GT = SoInZane


We have Xbox and Steam groups on their respective platforms we can add you to, that way you can start adding other GRG members and see who’s online when you are.

There are others who work shifts, plus varying timezones from PST through to GMT (plus some others I think).
PUBG and GTAV are definitely being played on PC, perhaps some of the others too.

Bless Online is the currently talked about game amongst the MMO lovers.

EDIT: Added you on XBL (Olz_2) and Steam (unobtainable)

Welcome to the asylum.

Well Bless online looks like a winner. Looks like I may be getting into that one. Launch is tomorrow?

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Welcome aboard.


If you bought a Founders pack it was “available” to play 2 days early.
I put that in quotes because the servers were overloaded and we hardly got any play time.

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Welcome to GRG

GT beers and leafs on the Xbone