Howdy glad to join

Am excited to finally have a group to game out with! Im in central usa and am on in afternoon often :slight_smile: look forward to hooking up and rockin some games asap!


Welcome to the community. What system are you playing on?

Welcome aboard.

Welcome to GRG!

Playstation 4 mostly but ps3 every now and again. I mostly play destiny but am getting burnt out atm. Mite start playing planetside 2 or battlefront. …or mite wait it out til battleborn releases…

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Welcome to the community. PSN: COOTERSAURUS_REX

Battlefront is a great game. We have ps4 members playing a variety of games, destiny has picked back up as of late. Do you have rainbow 6? It’s a popular game for us right now. Did you play the division beta, or are you interested in it when it comes out?

I did try the beta. Was ok…the mission part was interesting but the dark zone I got raped in! Lol

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Welcome Homie! PSN: DuvalFunk

The Dark Zone can be a bit brutal. Get a good squad going though, and its good fun!

Welcome, I’m Amusekus on PS4. Recently joined that side and heavily playing Destiny on that side on days I can play.

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Welcome to the Asylum.

Check out the Forum Cheat sheet if you havent already.

Welcome to the community! PSN: AlphaMack

Been playing Destiny a lot lately, but like you, getting burnt out again. Like @TexasReaperCrew said, a lot of people on the PS4 side are playing RB6 right now. A majority of us will be migrating to The Division once it drops in March. Believe me, running with a crew of 4 is a lot easier than lone-wolfing it.


Welcome to GRG! Sent a FR from my PSN: JohnnyBigRed

Welcome to the party pal.
I’m also looking forward to battleborn, but before that I have street fighter, division, and pvz: garden warfare in my sights.

We had a solid squad in planetside for 3 months but it fell off after that. The updates just weren’t happening fast enough. Got stale.

Helldivers is free this month for ps+. I highly suggest picking it up.

Psn: Audible__Silence

Holy krap I picked up helldivers and its freak in fun! Even nor fun in a group for sure! Was laugh in my ass off today as I got smashed by my own shuttle and was suicidal into lab more than twice

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Welcome to GRG even though you’re ps!