I'm new here!

I play a lot of Rocket League, PUBG, and just now getting back into ARK.
In the past I was really into games like Dayz(arma2 mod) and Rust. So let me know If you ever want to play some games. Always looking for a group to play.


Welcome to GRG! I myself am a retired Rocket League Pro.

I added you to the @PCGamers group. Make sure to join the GRG Steam Group. What times do you play?

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Guessing you play on PC then?
I can see your Steam handle in your profile :+1:.

We can add you to @PUBGPlayers, @ArkPlayers and @PCGamers forum groups, if you want to be in the first two (or any others), request membership from this page.

I will add you on Steam (unobtainable), though I personally don’t play those titles.
Can you get you into our Steam community too, makes it easier to add others.

We do have some strong Ark fans here, I think they still have a server going - but @SoulTerror or @TheBodyFarmer can confirm that.

Welcome to GRG!

Welcome aboard.

Thank you! I requested to join them!

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Welcome to Grg!


Xbox server is offline until new DLC comes out.

Welcome to GRG!