Join the Grim Reaper Gamers Regiment


So, they didnt really tell anyone about everything in the update. They snuck in a little addition of Regiments (clans). We’re not sure exactly what it will benefit, but as of now if you’re teamed up with at least one more member during happy hour which As of now is 9:55 to 10:55pm. I am going to change that to 9pm to 10pm, but you can only do it once every 24 hours. You get 2xp.

So, go to the game and press the social button, you should see an invite under regiments. If not let us know.

Also, you get a colourful new tag you can show off by going to barracks to identity and to clan tag, then press x(or whatever your console says) and choose the new tag…

The Regiment is Grim Reaper Gamers and the tag is G.R.G


I spammed out a ton of invites.



I did not even rate spam. Throw me an invite when you get a chance

Didn’t send me one…

Yes I did. Two even.

Well I’m an idiot and don’t know how to find it!

I sent that broad one too

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I got yours, and accepted, but that was the only one I saw…broad? Really, I feel some type of way about the way you used the word, aka whore/bitch?

look around smile GIF

Can the regiment invites go out at any time, or just during happy hour?
Sorry, new here and new to CoD.

They can go out any time.

If you actually send them…

I only send them out to good players.

You just creeped me out, and made me laugh out loud at work…you sick f…

Well that wouldn’t be me then, lmao!!!

Can you send Destroyer T1 an invite? We looked and didn’t see it if you already sent it. Can they request invites in the game? A couple people asked me but I don’t see how.

No, they can’t request. That’s why I put it here. that way we can weed out the ones that can’t be bothered to come to the forums.

I’ll send him one when I get on, if Lala doesn’t already.

Can I get an invite when you get a chance