L2ARK - Come learn how to survive on the Dino infested island of ARK. (XB1)

Having problems surviving in ARK? Need some help getting over that newbie curve? Well D1G1TALC1PHERS is to the rescue. On Tuesday nights for the next couple of weeks I will be hosting a Ark Newbie Class. We probably will not play on our official server. It is tough to get on. I will either host a private room if it it less than 4 or we will find a low pop server.

A few thing I would like to point out before you join me…

  1. You will die, a lot. Try to stay positive. Once you get the basics down the game can be a great amount of fun.
  2. It may take us a few minutes to get everyone together. Please be patient and keep comms to a minimal so that I can instruct people to our location.
  3. While extremely tempting please do not kill any GRG memebers. It will just delay the whole class as we will have to find that person again.
  4. I will be posting a link with a map. It will be very helpful to you and navigating. You can print it, or just view it on your phone or tablet while we play.
I think that after one class with me you will get the hang of how to survive in ARK and get the bug that we all have. I have noticed a few new people join our party and try to ask questions but so many people are talking it is hard to get a answer or you get 8 answers from 8 different people. This should make it easier for you.

Please sign up each week that you want to participate. It will help me know how many I have and what type of server we need to find. I will bump this topic each week as a reminder.

Hope to see you on ARK.

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This is a great idea, other than it being on Tuesdays :cry:. I think I’ll postpone a battlefront night and join this event. I really need serious hand holding for a little while, and know I can’t be alone in that.

I’m not sure yet. I tried the 1hr preview and joined my son who has it…we spent more time trying to get together that he was only able to show me a few things, then he just came to my tv and stood there directing me until time ran out.

It seems good, but I have to decide this weekend. I have a giftcard, so technically it would be free, but I’m not sure yet.

If I do get it I will be there though.

Good Idea. I was thinking of doing something similar for RB6. You guys still on Server115?

Yes, the main server for GRG is still 115.

So you’re saying that we “shouldn’t” kill other GRG members. It’s just a suggestion right?

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Definitely the way to ease people into it. I spent two hours last night before I figured out what is was doing and got close enough to the base to get an invite. This will be a big help

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This is a great idea and makes it tempting to pull the trigger and join. Perfect way to start with help from the neckbear…I mean experts.

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I may be down, although I think I have a handle on the basics crafting, harvesting, hunting and whatnot. Still I will probably join in. I have Tuesdays off so timing works out.

This is just what I need

Here is the map…

I have 180+ hours in the game and I am still learning to navigate with the map. Later in the game you can build or may find a GPS or compass but it still can be complicated. We will go over some things to help tomorrow.

Make sure you show them how to poop on command.

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That I learned by accident.

Just a friendly reminder bump. Tonight 9:00 eastern.

Another thing…

Please make sure you have an Open NAT. It is more than likely we will play on a Player dedicated server if all official servers are full. If your NAT is moderate you may have issues getting in.

I have heard a lot of talk of this??

If you do another night of this time would love to join.

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We had a good time tonight. It was very helpful to get into a game and ask questions while getting to figure it out. It was a very good idea and I think anyone who would like to try this game out should try to do something like this. Don’t know if digital or any of the other experienced players would want to host a room for this item truly helps.


I am going to run it again next Tuesday. If need be the day can be changed as long as it isn’t on Wed.

The game is in Xbox Live’s Game Preview Program. Same thing as early access on Steam.

It however is the full game minus a few things they just added to the PC version. If you buy now you get it cheaper than what it will be when it releases in June. How much I do not recall.