Modded Minecraft

Recently hopped back on this crack train playing the FTB Revelations pack.
Come to find out the Advanced Rocketry pack was severely nerfed so it would fit in the pack.

Anyone played a fun pack with this mod in it where it works fully?

I know it is probably a pain in the ass (have had 100 mods on a ARK server) but have you thought about just downloading the mods you want separately? Is that even possible or do some of the mods only come in the pack?

It’s possible but extremely time consuming.
You can throw them all in the same folder and the game will load but getting each mod’s blocks and machines to work with each other is a whole different ball game.

This is apparently a common question in /r/feedthebeast. My favorite response thus far.

I haven’t done much with Advanced Rocketry. If you feel like doing a bunch of legwork, however, you could go through the list of modpacks that include it and hope you find something good.

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Yeah. I’m going to do some SP leg work.

The current server will continue as is until the interest is gone.

Speaking of hilarious Reddit comments, this one made me chuckle.

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Upgraded the reactor tonight. Only took me 3 hours to get all the problems worked out.

Remember my boneheaded “max size reactor” idea?

Work has begun. Four stacks of casings later and one side is maybe a third complete.

According to the info I’ve gathered, the reactor ignores non-reactor blocks inside it. Maybe I should use all of this spare space to do other things. Relocate all of my NuclearCraft machinery to the interior of the reactor itself.

It does indeed. I left 2 torches inside mine so I could see where I was placing the rest of the blocks as I worked my way from back to front.

@kaulesh All The Mods 3.

Check it out and tell me what you think.

I’ve played with the ATM packs for a while. I have no complaints. Just be aware that, unless something like Thaumcraft comes out, they stop updating old versions of the pack once mods start coming out for new Minecraft versions.

Yeah. I just noticed it doesn’t have Thaumcraft and I know that’s something you were interested in.

I’m ambivalent. It was just an example. ATM for 1.10 was “finished” until a mod lots of people like came out.

The changes look interesting but I got my fill of Thaumcraft under the old versions.

Thought I’d share the new big project. If we were going out and gathering ore instead of void mining, this would require destroying entire environments to get enough lead and lithium.

I’ve also considered playing some Forever Stranded Lost Souls on the side because I’m a masochist.

what about setting up a second excavator in Aroma world?

Excavators can really be set up anywhere, you just need to go from chunk to chunk with a core sample drill to make sure there’s a vein there. They’re basically resource-specific void miners with a limited (though large) amount of output.

I’d be happy to go core drill samples there.

Only things i’m working on is draconium farming (which is waiting for the void miner) and reactor automated maintenance.

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@kaulesh, I have mirrored our server to my SP world and deleted the files for AR and it fixed it.

Is there ANY chance that if I do the same thing with the server files that I would get a different result?

It should be fine. I would say “there’s no chance” but I program for a living and have seen some pretty unexplainable things.

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