New here

Hey new to grg forums I mainly play D2 but dabble in other FPS games. I main a hunter but other characters are catching up. I’m read experienced and don’t mind leading them and helping other complete raids. I’m patient and try to be as helpful as possible in learning mechanics and general basic gameplay. Gamer tag is OK13 OUTLAW I’m usually on 530-1100 central


Welcome to grg! a lot of us are on destiny nighty, look forward to gaming with you

Welcome to this ship of insanity!!!

You obviously know how to correctly play Destiny. I’m actually not aware of any other classes.

Make sure to apply to our Destiny clan so you can involved in some activities. Hit up @valiantvictory and @ezekielJP as they’re our GRG Staff members that handle Destiny for the XBox.

I also added you to my friends list and sent you a GRG XBox Club invite.

Lastly, I moved this to the Introduce Yourself Category so everyone can see it. Get the whole gang in.

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Welcome, we raid regularly, every Saturday and also a few just whenever, on Saturdays always looking for ppl to help run a group when we have more than one fire team going or when life gets in the way for the leads. If you are not in the Xbox clan I’ll get you added ASAP. Look forward to gaming with ya.

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Welcome Okie.

You’re in good hands with Val and the Xbox D2 crew.
Let us know as/when you pick up or play any other games.
Feel free to jump into game sessions / Xbox parties to join in!

Welcome to GRG! Awesome group of guys here and the games are good.

Welcome to the community

Welcome to GRG! It’ll be nice to have another experienced raid player around to help. Look forward to gaming with you.

Welcome fellow okie hope you enjoy the asylum here lots of people who should probably be in straight jackets in a padded room cough cough @DarkNiteRaven

Hahaha…Not my fault someone bought me a straightjacket thats a 36 long and white.
I used to live in Oklahoma as well. But I hail from the dust bowl region of the state…

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