NMS Glyph Portal Traveling

This post is a Work In Progress. I will finish it up later tonight with info I have on my home PC.

I needed to make this post separate as this aspect of the game is a bit more complicated than a couple sentences. I will link to it in the NMS Mega Thread.

If you’ve ever run across one of these https://imgur.com/YxuFDfO
make sure you mark it somehow so you can get back to it easily. One will be discovered for you in the Artemis/Apollo/Null quest line. You will also need to complete this quest to take full advantage of Portals and for the rest of this post to make any sense.

These portals allow you to travel somewhere without having to join someone that’s already online or allow you to visit some cool places as can be found on the NMS Subreddit , provided you have the portal address of the planet they are on.

For example, my planet’s address is: WIP

Planet address decoder: WIP