Noob to GRG

Hey guys, played with a bunch of you last night and had a blast. I used to be a member of PPC back at the end of BF3 start of BF4 days on 2old2play. I play Destiny, BF1, BF4, Overwatch, and GTAV. SoulTerror08 is my XBL.


Welcome to the community.


Welcome aboard.

Recognize the name from 2o2p. Welcome aboard! We usually have a large group playing BF1. Destiny and Overwatch have slowed down a bit but I’m sure we could muster up interest.

I added you to the Battlefield Player’s Group, Destiny Players Group and the Overwatch Players Group. This way you’ll get an alert when someone sets up an event and pings @BattlefieldPlayers, @DestinyPlayers, and @OverwatchPlayers.

I also sent you an invite to our GRG XBox club on Live and added you to my friends list.

Xbox Gamer tag - Lala Calamari

I added you. Mostly playing BF1 when I can.

GT: CaptainPeeJ

Welcome to GRG

GT beers and leafs

Thanks guys. Looking forward to playing some more BF1. Most of my friends list is all Destiny players and I don’t care for Crucible to much.

Welcome to GRG @SoulTerror!

GT - azshortbus35

Welcome to GRG! Sent a FR your way!

Welcome to GRG FR on the way

Thanks for the welcome!

Welcome to the Island of misfit toys.

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