Overwatch Beta thoughts

Wanted to get this thread out there for the early access crew as well as for the release of the open beta. As of right now with having a couple hours in I am enjoying it. It is a change from normal FPS that I am used to but a good change. Loot box RNG is on point as I have gotten various skins voice packs and poses that are rarer to get. I like that play of the game can come from the winning or losing side and everyone votes at the end of the match who did the best. I have been on the losing team and gotten play of the game and a majority of the votes from both sides a couple of times. It has a section that saves just your characters best highlight from previous matches which is easy mode when it comes to getting clips easily for the Reapercast. I feel this would be a great community night game for both private matches(since there are a ton of customization options) and as a team pub stomping game. The character all play differently however some can be annoying to play against and 1 or 2 I have found useless to my play style. I am still on the fence since there doesn’t seem to be much of a following for it on the PS side, but post launch DLC will be free so that is nice.

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That’s why I like the brawl mode where it gives you a random person every time you respawn. I also hope in the main launch that there will be modes that restrict the characters to one per team. It is an option in private match settings

Just wait till the open beta.

Not that i play with you fuckers anyways

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I’m enjoying it so far. Im digging the art style and the characters. I feel like some chars I may never use. I feel that having a full team to communicate and coordinate char selection is a must. Playing with a few of the guys on the xbone side last night felt infinitely better than playing with a total random group later on in the night.

I will never know what thats like :disappointed:

Just got a chance to get my feet wet tonight. So far Im liking Bastion on defense and Soldier 76 for offense.

Had fun tonight. We got a private room going. Bastion is silly, it’s very difficult to get past him one he’s set up. I only played a few characters tonight. I’m digging the Cowboy and the Reaper. Both are a lot of fun.

The game played very smoothly and I really enjoyed it. I’d like to see a join in progress type of thing (to dump a bot out).

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He’s strong, but the lacks mobility. I was able to flank one last night with Road Hog, and hook him to drag him out of position, unfortunately I didn’t do enough burst damage to kill him, and couldn’t get another person to go with me to burst him down after I tank and pull.

I think after people stop running around mindlessly and learn to properly use heroes in their roles we will see how OP he really is. He can be tanked by one and bursted down with another. Im thinking the guy with the shield ability and hammer attack would be a good counter to Bastion.

I’ve been doing a bit of reading this morning and I stumbled across this video. I also learned there is a blue cube on the back of Bastion’s turret that deals headshot damage to him if you can get behind him (Reaper’s teleport seems to be popular for doing this). The popular opinion at the moment is that he’s very strong against new players but takes a coordinated team built around him in higher levels of play in order to thrive.

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My biggest complaint so far is that they move so slow, and the response is shit and far from battle.

I love the reaper dude with that teleport. Get right behind people and shoot them in the ass!

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Agreed, I’d like to see movement speed faster. Or some type of sprint that we’re used to.

I’m digging the cowboy a bit more than the Reaper. I love the stun grenade (or whatever the fuck it is, robb) then follow up with the quick shooting. Usually kills people right away.

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Junkrat seemed pretty solid, a lot of the guys had success with him. I didn’t try him out yet.

They all have different movement speeds. Soldier 76 has a sprint, D.va has the thrust. And the DJ guy makes everyone move faster. Also the chick with the little turrets can place a teleporter as her special. Goes from the spawn to wherever she places it

You want speed boost @Lala_Calamari you should play with me as Lucio, I got a couple clips of playing him below. I love playing healing and this game has some cool healers. Lucio can give give a constant speed buff if not healing, and a cool down that makes it more effective (makes people run faster), I use this everytime at a start of a match. I think the speed is on par for this type of game as it gives room for some characters to be faster or slower than others without being chaotic, just my opinion.

And being a healer Bastion has never been an issue as far as killing me. Reaper and Torbjorn have been the biggest thorn on my side. And somebody good with Roadhog can be a pain as well, hook and one shotted. But I am on the move so much most hooks miss if they try for me.

Overall I think the game is a lot of fun, sadly I’ll have to get it. Will have to play Battleborn as much as I can before it comes out. I think it’ll be a great community night game.

For anybody that hasn’t played beta and on fense I got a couple videos. One shows me using two of the healers in actually matches. The other shows me highlighting some different characters and their abilities when I tested them all out. Of course not all the characters were in it, none of the healers were. Anything I didn’t think would translate well on just video didn’t make it.

Me trying healing in PvP

Me testing out and showing off some of the characters

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Just played an hour or so of Mystery Hereos, it is fun playing with randoms and helps you try to learn to play the different Heroes better. Like was doing Defense on the map, got the healer Symmetra at start, had a 9 kill streak and finally just died towards end of match. She was not somebody I was big into until that match cause I learned how to take advantage of her.