Planetside 2

Tuesday it begins!!!

Here is a youtube vid with some good info and a bunch of text.


AGame is availble now. If you have the Beta, just update it, its the same client as the game just with a 3+ GB patch. Servers are down for now. I made a Character in the NC on the Guadinine server.

I’ll have to give this a try. Looks pretty sweet. Hope to see some of you fellas on!

So do we all have to be on the same server? How do we all join the same outfit? Just wondering so I know when I get on tomorrow

yep, have to be same faction and same server… just like an MMO…

hilariously, squads and outfits arent available yet, it is their top priority to have them ready on the next patch, which is apparently next week.

No plus required just free

Most fun I have had with a free game in a while. I think I’m Battle Rank 22 or 23 now. We need to get some squads together soon

Damn you put in some work. I’m still 17. ICUST is almost always on. He just joined. Squads aren’t full functional yet. But if you add the name manually while in game they seem to work.

Is Icust his PSN name? I don’t think he is on my friends list. I was playing with Ginger last night then he disappeared.

Yeah icust is Psn and in game

Just checked, signed to the site but no intro post

If any of you guys playing don’t have me on your friend’s list, add me. PSN: JohnnyBigRed

Has anyone received any trophies for PS yet? There was supposed to be one at BR 15 and I never got it (or any others for that matter).

I got some

Fuck, Mine broken then!

WOW that was a fun night. I took some pretty good pics of the battle. After @RTuTTle86 and @Klown4Life got off i found another convoy. took over almost all of the south and west side. Found a new setup for my sunderer, the Ammo regen is a certificate printer!!! every time someboty rolls by within 20 meters its 15xp. when in a fire fight its constant… when in a convoy thats just rolling through bases, i hopped into somebody elses vehicle and kept using their ammo so i would resupply them.

I can say that I’m enjoying the hell out of this game. They just really need to get the squad support working the way that it should.

they have an update this week and one for next week fixing and adding things.

What glitches? I haven’t ran into many besides HUD glitches.

And the game crashing but I can’t think of a game that hasn’t done that to me at launch.

That HUD damage glitch can Suck it!! That and Force closing on me twice

like frame rate? turn voice chat off… oh and listen when i tell you to do shit, like turn in game chat off!!

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@Klown4Life just saw your msg on chat. push start and go to character, there is a buncha passive perks you can buy.