Post your Fallout 4 screenshots and clips (Spoilers)

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I got my ass kicked by a group of raiders in he Corvega Assembly plant. It’s a side quest in the beginning, to clear it out. I must have died 10 times. It seemed to me like there were a hell of a lot raiders!!! Maybe I need to go back to a previous save and rethink my strategy. This game is unforgiving for sure. Be careful out there in the wastelands, my friends. It’s not an easy place to survive. :smile:

Has anyone else done this mission and gotten through? Any tips? Did I take his on too early? Maybe there’s something else i should do first.

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About to do that mission. Cleared out the front with my sniper rifle. Got my power armor all repaired with a full fusion core. About to go bash some heads in.

I just spoke to the lady that gave me that mission right before I stopped.last night.

I plan to rip through that with my power armor. I may do some upgrades now that I have the workstations in Sanctuary and I’m salvaging a bunch of stuff.

Does anyone know where to find more of the food to plant, BTW? I accidentally ate my carrot before I planted it. :smiley:

Behind the workshop are some melons and gords. You can harvest them and replant. Rinse and repeat. I found some corn walking around the pond near sanctuary in a container on a dock.

Edited to add. I slept 24 hours at a time for 4 or 5 days and the food respawned so it does take a bit of time

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Well…we all know I’m going to plant the corn!


Shocker. And here I thought your were going to farm dildos.

Yea, I need a power core. Right now my power armor is standing out in the wasteland doing me no good.

I have the cryo gun, but I can’t find cryo. Thought maybe it was back in the Vault, but nothing.

There is a farm between sanctuary and the assembly plant with a bunch of tater plants that you can harvest and then plant. You can also trade with the farmer.

me and the start of my Shack-mansion

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I will try to post my sanctuary palace Sunday night. I got sucked in and spent way too much time playing in the builder

I kept hearing this voice in my head “Use the force Ronin”. So I did. :grin:

What me? A hoarder? No way. I just need that copper and circuit boards man.

Seriously. Can’t find enough of that Damm copper.

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Welcome to Sanctuary…

Entrance coming over the bridge from Red Rocket

Close up of entrance gate

Front fence

Walking up to the old watering hole. Best shine in the wasteland.

Front of watering hole

Inside the watering hole

Back Gate

Power Armor Hanger and crafting

Our meat is clean


Damn dude you have been busy.

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How is this game? I never played any of the previous titles.