PUBG Mega Thread

I can’t stop watching this stream. The game looks like so much fun. Curious is anyone else is into this kind of game? They have solo, duo, and squad game types I think.

I got it.

I think @mac79pr is interested.

Come on. We’re gonna need two more for a 4 person squad tomorrow night. Who’s with us?


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@CaptainPeeJ I will be picking it up but likely won’t be able to be on tonight.

I hope to play Sun morn and evening as well.

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Did you guys confirm it is 4 people for a squad?

Yes 4 people.

This game is the shit. I love it. @anon3687162 , get your ass in here!


Soon man.

Better get your ass to the safe zone or you will die. We had no vehicle and a long way to go. We never had a chance.

Hoping to be on this afternoon and die continually.

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Yea. Let’s roll!!!

As expected I died very quickly but even when out it is still fun bullshitting with friends and helping them as you watch.

Buying and installing right now. Hope it’s ready by tonight.

Solo round. Should have played that a little differently at the end.

Restores health. More than bandage I believe.

Great time with @CaptainPeeJ @D1G1TALC1PHERS and @mac79pr. We were down to 7 left out of 100 but the map closed in on us and took us out. Such a blast though it sucked that we lost from the map and not from getting shot.

Or were we 11 and then 7 left when the map took us?

Last I checked before running away from the barrier there were like 19.