Raids Anyone?

Good morning y’all!!

Anyone want to meet up and knock some of these raids out this week? @destinyplayers

Let me know here or in discord. I’m trying to get better at checking on here. So please let me know. Have a great day!!

I am down. I’m trying to get a reckless Oracle so I’d be down to run. Is everyone doing Xbox or pc?

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I think most Destiny players here are XBox so I would assume there.

I believe most of us are Xbox players.

seems like scourge, Levi, Eater of words are easier to organize and run…i think we speen run/ran an EOW on 30 minutes… every night in the “big party” its a discussion… @SigMike02 name a time and it might be eaier to get ppl to commit…some ppl like @Banjocut and @grex (when he plays) are more early nights, and for me i have trouble being on before 9;30 pm…

also comms are critical to success of a raid, be sure to plan a time when you can be on a mic

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I’m in if we start after 9:00. Haven’t run any so I’ll be carried for sure.

I’ll be on tonight for any Raids. Crown of Sorrow and Scourge of the Past are my top needs right now.

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I definitely feel like scourge is on the list for tonight.

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