@destinyplayers Looking for feedback…we have a few that have finished the leviathan raid and more that have finished Eater of worlds. We have a few new members that are leviathan pros and 5-7 of us potatoes that feel we have Argos down…at some point we will move to spire of stars…

It has to come my attention that some ppl want to raid and feel left out (we don’t want to hurt @Lala_Calamari s feelings.) Some others feel like we have a set team. I want everyone in grg to feel included. I propose as follows; we start a signup a week in advance for 2 raid teams. One for each of the raids we are running. We can them simultaneously so that 12 grg have chance to raid. When you sign up you indicate vet/noob/ok status so if we need we can rebalance…instead of pulling from the other team on Saturday we will lfg open slots…I believe in time we will have 2 solid teams (12 GRG raiders)…I know some of you will tell me we have trouble having our 6 but I think it will not take long to get to 12.

Thank you for the help and feedback


I support and sign up in advance

Sounds good to me count me in

On a similar yet unrelated topic, sorry I’ve been MIA lately. Work and travel for work and cut into my discretionary time allotment. Hope to be back at it soon!

This sounds solid, unfortunately a wink in advance is a little too far out for me but I’ll check back on Saturdays and see if there’s open slots. I’m hoping to get back in to destiny soon, although i was also hoping to get a day off this week so we’ll see haha

Hey I’m glad you brought that up…the week early is just to give more people time to sign up…assuming slots open you can still wait until raid day…miss ya bro (in a straight guy way) hope to see you soon

Set team and GRG don’t go together. That’s not what this community is about and I hope people understand that. We like to get everyone involved and active from clan nights, Raids and even the ReaperCast (which we encourage people to guest on). Want a set team for raids? Best look elsewhere. Join a hardcore raiding clan and let me know when they fold 2 months later. We’ve had tryhards in GRG that left to form their super PvP / Raiding clan, that clan is dead. It’s really important to get everyone involved and active. It’s how this community works and thrives.

Sign ups for GRG events are so very important. It’s impossible for staff to plan for events if we have no clue on how many are attending. The last raid thread only had 6 people sign up. It was really 5 as I signed up but got involved in other things and got on too late. It sounds like we have more than enough to get 2 parties going but without knowing who will be on we’ll never know. I would of gladly started a 2nd group later had there been an accurate headcount.

Finally, I want to encourage everyone to break out of their set friends group and invite that “loner”. Mix it up. Expand your friends list and your set group of friends. Take advantage of what GRG and it’s members offer (Pro-Tip: Gunny offer’s coupons to dollar dog night at the Glory Hole).


BTW, I think those that sign up and show up on time should have a locked in spot.


Count me in for most of the weekends. I have some softball tournaments over the coming months but if I’m not playing I’ll be raiding.

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Without question signed up GRG have priority and we will be looking for you

I am a Raid virgin in D2, but also on PC with very limited time, sitting at Warlock lvl 30 344 light currently.

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I’ll sign up for the Calus. I’m a vet of that raid. If in a given week I feel the need to fail jumping puzzles can I sign up for the other? Either way it’s cool, more loot from Calus :+1: