ReaperCast 56 - Can’t We All Just Get Along?

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GRG Community Nights

  • Shooter McGavin FPS Mondays
  • ESO Dungeon Dives on Tuesday
  • Wednesday Night Community Night BF1 & Battlegrounds
  • Drunken Friday Battlefield 1
  • Sunday Driving Forza Horizons 3

Gaming News

  • COD WW2 – 11/3?  Standalone co-op story.  Season Pass included with Pro.
  • RE7 Free DLC Delayed – Is there a point where even free DLC is too late?
  • BF1 Spring Update
  • GTA Login 425k by 4/30 – Tiny Racer Update
  • Battlefront 2 – No Season Pass
  • Star Wars – Last Jedi Trailer

Main Topic – Can’t We All Just Get Along?  How do we navigate different gamers?

  • Tryhards
  • Racist/Ignorant People
  • People that don’t PTFO
  • Should video game fans bond more rather than be divisive?

Community Info

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Good show.

I think an added addition would be on each show for La La to list each member that is still active similar to how Disney use to read directly from the paper. There is no current way on-site to determine from the 1000+ members who is active.

There should be more name dropping for GRG dot grim reapaer dot forums by Jammer or Johnny. I counted once I think, it should be upped to 20-30 per show.

i think we should have a roll call of people who haven’t been active… like a reading of the dead.


With a cannon sound effect like the hunger games


I’m ok with everyone except the two categories above. Especially the fuckers that don’t PTFO. Fuck those guys

Shutting down team chat sucks. I know people can be a headache, but you can either mute them or just not join. That said, I’m never in Team Chat as I’m usually playing with GRG in full parties (I’m popular and people like me).

I get Flags in BF1, but if I didn’t play as a sniper I wouldn’t play. I tried the other classes first and couldn’t fucking stand it. I can’t stand the shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, then get killed shit.

No 2 players are gonna play the same game the same way, so to someone, we’re all dicks one way or another. So, there’s really no way to get along with everyone and the only real advice - although it kinda sucks - is to use the mute button and play the way you want.

I can’t get along with people on the show let alone gaming with others.

I’m nothing but kind and supportive of you.

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Digging the podcast. My addition with having guests is some questions on work/family life. I think it is easier to be a part of the community knowing that kind of stuff.


Thanks for the input. It’s been awhile since we had a ReaperCast noob on and ran a Member Spotlight. I always like having different people on. It’s a good way to break up the standard nonsense the “Hosts” offer. It’s nice to get a different view on things. It’s also a good way to get people to know them on a different level.


And we’re always looking for guests to hop on. Just need Skype and some form of mic (gaming headset is perfect). We’ll be short staffed through the summer as @anon42851937 is tied up with kid’s baseball.

Wait…is @GrumpyInUt the football equivalent of a Christmas/Easter churchgoer?

Thanks guys. As I said during the cast we are always looking for feedback so much appreciated. It shows us we aren’t doing the work for absolutely nothing.

I thought he was just there to Parrot everything @Lala_Calamari said about the Ginger Clown and that horrible football team from P-Town.

Where is the thumbs down button?

“Can’t we all just get along?”

Spends the whole fucking cast making fun of their normal host.




Wentz does not give 2 shits about me or any other fan in the off season i’m sure. lol

One thing that I think makes a difference with guys like TooFat or Fetal (as were mentioned in the topic) is that while they expect players to PTFO, they don’t expect everyone to be 40-1 in the process. They’ve always been cool toward anyone of any skill level as long as they’re trying to PTFO.

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