ReaperCast 74 - GRG's Games of the Year 2017

Grim Reaper Gamers hosts a Bi-Weekly Podcast where we talk about Community News, Video Games, Beer and whatever else we feel like discussing.  This episode we talk about GRG’s top games of 2017!

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Lala Rant 

  • Rant Revisit!  Games not working at Launch!  I’m calling out PUBG

Member Spotlight

  •  ValiantVictory

Gaming News  

  • Nintendo Direct Jan 11th –  Switch Based?
    • Amazon lists 18 TBA Switch games, then delists.
  • PUBG hits 3 million concurrent players on steam, Aims to be on every platform.
    • Says Sony is very strict on quality

Topic – GRG Games of the Year 2017

Best Sports / Racing Game

  • Forza Motorsports 7
    • Runners Up: Madden 18, FIFA 18

Best Survival / Battle Royal Game

  • PlayerUnknown’s Battleground
    • Runners Up: Fortnite, Conan: Exiles

Best DLC or Expansion Pack

  • Warframe – Plains of Eidolon
    • Runners Up:  Battlefield 1 DLC, Ark Ragnarok

Best Single Player Game

  • Assassin’s Creed Origin
    • Runners Up:  Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Horizon Zero Dawn

Best First Person Shooter

  • Call of Duty WW2
    • Runners Up: Destiny 2, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Best Multiplayer Game 

  • Call of Duty WW2
    • Runners Up: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Destiny 2

Best Co-Op Game

  • Destiny 2
    • Runners Up: Ghost Recon Wildlands, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Best Action or Adventure Game

  • Horizon Zero Dawn
    • Runners Up:  South Park: The Fractured but Whole, Zelda Breath of the Wild

Best Game of 2017

  • Horizon Zero Dawn
    • Runners Up: Assassin’s Creed Origin, Call of Duty WW2

Community Info

Originally published at:

Wait, you are calling out a early access title for not working correctly even though you are warned before purchase and at the title screen that it has bugs, and is not perfect.

I can totally get on board with giving a AAA game a hard time for not working at release, but giving a game a hard time for not working in early access when you are warned before hand seems kinda silly.

Don’t buy a game in early access if you want it to be bug free, etc.

  • I am saying this more in general than to Lala. I know he enjoys the game regardless of issues. I am more saying this cause it is a rather popular thing to hate on early access games when you are told you are getting a buggy game.

Also, the game is also cheaper as a result.

Plus - it still doesn’t stop you from checking out reviews / playthroughs / live streams / etc - so you can see the quality of such a game before purchasing.

Sony don’t even want to deal with it - so they don’t let those titles on.
Perhaps PUBG will have faded from popularity by the time it hits PS4 though - that’s the only downside I can see to them having to wait.


Accepting broken games like PUBG shouldn’t be “ok” regardless of early access. The only reason PUBG came out when it did was to get out before Christmas, not because it was ready as an early access game.

Players disconnecting from games is a pretty severe and rampant bug in the game. Along with the terrible frame rates.

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I get your point we just see it different. My all time favorite games have been early access, buggy, broken games that turned into pretty polished titles. I can accept that and I have no problem supporting them even when not working great.

I go into early access games expecting the worst. About half my steam list is EA titles. PUBG really isn’t that bad compared to most of them. PC was the same when it first released and they have patched the hell out of it and made it better. Xbox will be the same. You should buy Survive the Night right now. You will praise PUBG for being a great early access title.

Edited to add: People really need to look at Early Access as paying to play the game early and help test bugs and not expect any more than that. YOU ARE PAYING TO BE A BETA TESTER!

It might not be ready, but:

  • People are still buying it
  • People are still playing it
  • People are not refunding it (not in huge droves anyway)
  • This will only continue



Early access is one thing, and selling them digitally is fine. Finding hard copies in stores really gets to me. You know what you’re getting when you buy an early access or game preview version of the game, but keep them off the shelves.

I can agree with that because of impulse buys. But I still would blame the purchaser for not doing their research on what they are buying if unhappy.

Really not sure why they did retail. It was just a case with a code for the digital version. Probably M$ doing.


It’s about making sure little Billy had something wrapped under the tree.

I have something wrapped under the tree for little Fishy!


“Number 2 duties” :joy:

@anon36214017 thank you for listening…are you sure you listened to the right one?

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It’s Royal!


We’re in North America not Amsterdam

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