Saturday Night Tater Raid - Destiny 2 Forsaken 10/20

Join GRG’s Potato Last Wish Raid this Saturday the 19th as we attempt to clear the newest Destiny Forsaken Raid. We’re still working on mechanics and gearing up the crew. Please make sure to sign up so we can plan parties accordingly as we may have more than 1.

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@destinyplayers Sign up here for a slot in the raid party. It’s important for us to get a head count ahead of time.

I’m in.

I am also in.

I will be out of town this weekend…you feckers better not kill Kalli without me

I’m in :slight_smile:

Well, our chances just improved.

Fixed the date to Saturday.

I am out of town as well for this one.

I’m in!!

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Raid is just over 7 hours away @destinyplayers do we have one full team?

Ill be there

Just got to 550, but won’t be able to get on till later…if you’re short I’ll be on, but can’t commit

Looks like they pulled together six

Sorry we didn’t get you in Mowerguy, I know you signed up. We started forming late (after 9) and you weren’t on at the time.

No worries, i got caught up on all my weekly stuff with @Sniper_T1 @destroyer and @SigMike02. Did you guys get the down?

We got Kali down. It’s a bit easier when you hit a lot harder.

The next stage was a bitch as we were too slow. From my understanding we can speed it up if we all get near the plates. The enemies don’t spawn in as much if we do.

Anyway we had @Grex, @ezekielJP, @Ronin, @KillrVee and @Guinness333.

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good job guys, bummed i did not get to join, but happy it rolled.

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I’m sure you guys will get passed Kali for the next raid. I think everyone has their LL up to a decent number now and we all have the mechanics down.

I will most likely be out this Saturday.

Next raid sign up: [XBX1] Last Wish Tater Raid 9pm Saturday 10/27