[XBX1] Last Wish Tater Raid 9pm Saturday 10/27

Based on the progress last week (GRG killed KIalli w/o me) we should be moving on the second and third encounters this week (if just to keep up with the PS4 guys) *All are welcome. This is designed to be a fun teamwork exercise that awards us good raid gear. *(we are thinking 550 is probably the LL floor). Please sign up below so we can plan for 1, 2 or 3 raid teams. Signups have priority over show-ups. We will start filling open slots by 9:15 unless you let us know you are running late and maybe we will hold your slot. @destinyplayers

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I’m in…let’s do this

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Put me in as a sub / very late replacement. I’ll be out all day and not sure when I’ll be home.

i am down for this

Count me in

I am in. I can bring my Hunter or Warlock.

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Dibs… I mean count me in.

I won’t be able to do the raid with you guy’s on Saturday… Good Luck…Hope you make it to the end :slight_smile:

Here’s where we are at:

  1. @Sniper_T1 (W)
  2. @Mowerguy90 (W)
  3. @AsnPersuasion27 (S)
  4. @KillrVee (S)
  5. @grex (8 or Infinity)
  6. @valiantvictory (8 Or infinity)

Everybody else on the clan and friends list

ok ladies there will be a test…watch your videos, know your numbers/letters and bring your sleepers


See you guys in 30 minutes

How did the raid go?

Good times. Made it through the first phase easy enough, second phase got us on the plates. Good DPS, just gotta work on the mechanics.

good times had trouble with the plate puzzle for SHURO CHI…my thought is we treat it exactly like the doors number from 1-9…but it rotates with each turn…and maybe we should call out a switch if needed…but enough for now