SCUM - Mega Thread & GRG Server Info

The game is out and the server is ready to boot up. I will have a password on the server for a brief time. I want to test it out before a bunch of randoms jump on.

Server Name: Fear the Reapers (GRG)
Server IP: Removed (might be back in the future)

Banner for Fear The Reapers

If you jump on early this afternoon be prepared for a restart or two. If they didn’t fix the memory leak then be prepared for some server crashes as well. If you have any issues just message me on the discord.

Patch Notes:


@PCGamers Who all is getting this? I just downloaded my copy, so I’ll probably be on tonight.

Everything seems to be running great on the server. I am removing the password. God Speed!

I purchased it after watching a couple of vids. I couldn’t get near it at PaxEast but they had a pretty nice setup. I’ve spent $20 on worse lol.

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We have been playing all night it runs really well as so far having a lot of fun. Jump on the server when ever. It’s open to the public too so your friends can join.

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I want to introduce Carl.

Carl is 46 and used to live with his parents before being incarcerated for hacking a bank.

Skills: Slow Jogging Long Distances, Carrying Things, Scavenging, and Making Wood Planks (WTF are those for again?)

Likes: Anime, Video Games, Air Conditioning, Doing the Dishes

Dislikes: Prison Island, Body Control Units, Being Wet, Robots, Diarrhea



  • Pistols cannot be holstered. Leave 2x2 (square) spot in your inventory for your pistol. That way when you pick something up in your hands you will put your pistol into your inventory instead of dropping it on the ground.

  • You don’t have to have items in your inventory to craft. As long as it is in the vicinity you can use it.

  • If you don’t have a clip or mag you can only load 1 bullet at a time. Welcome to Scum Barney Fife.

  • Boxes of ammo must be opened before you can load them into a mag or clip. If you don’t have open inventory space the bullets will be dropped around you.

  • You can bundle items like rags in the crafting menu to make carrying them easier.

  • Lake and river water seems safe to drink. No need for boiling at the moment.


Friends?!? Have you met me lol

Yeah it looks like a blast with how realistic the stats are. Map seems big enough that it’s not going to be a pvp spam fest.

Oh yeah???

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i met up with grex and a friend of mine “halfmatt” and we got some loot in a hidden box

I have added a server banner to the OP. It will tell current player count, a graph for player count over last 24 hours, and once available will list players names of people on the server.


Interactive Map.

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Looks like we may all be starting fresh…

I have not gotten on yet today so I can not confirm it happened on our server.

I am guessing as well of they changed file formats.

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Map from that article

LOL, started a new character and spawned me just north of the farm.

JH and I are in B3.

What’s the platform and creds so I can give Digital or who ever paid, some money for the server?