Scum Patch Notes Thread

Patch notes


Added Anti cheat, server admin options and much more! Check down bellow!

  • Anticheat is up an running. We will continue to upgrade it, and keep SCUM as cheat free as possible!

P.S - Also using exploits will be considered cheating and can result in a

  • Server admin controls are also added.

  • Sentries got nerfed a bit. (Longer reload times, bigger shooting cone, bigger chance to miss)

  • Fixed ammo exploit bug when using ammo directly from searched objects.

  • Equipped items are now destroyed when prisoner is destroyed.

  • Added natural attenuation for voice chat - Reduced radius for bullet flyby sounds.

  • Fixed bug that sometimes made mouse cursor disappear on the spawn screen

  • Fixed being able to commit suicide while dead.

  • Disabled chat and mic icon in singleplayer.

  • Puppet should now spawn proper meat after chopping, Calorie intake of human meat and puppet meat should now be correct

  • Server password access is thread-safe now.

  • Potential memory leak fix for master server.

  • Refresh button will be greyed out until we received the server list or timed out.

  • Server browser filtering and pinging improvements.

  • Adjusted AK47 run animation.

  • Added search to server browser.

  • Airport Hangar: Doors oppened (now sentries can get in)

  • Airport - Added Danger volumes (Once you enter the danger volume sentries will start looking for you, and if they see you they dont warn you but start shooting immediately)

Also added a Bug section on steam threads so check that out and report all bugs you find there!

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You can not eat raw meat now. does not give me the option. it comes up as Puppet meat now

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Equipped items are now destroyed when prisoner is destroyed.


Does that mean just killed? Or someone chopping you up or blowing you up / fire.

Sept 4 patch notes

  • The game should be compatible with ultra wide displays now.

  • Fixed ultra wide (and super ultra wide) scaling on server browser.

  • Lowered ambient volume of character creation menu ambient sound.

  • Made chat scrollbar more responsive.

  • Made chat close on enter if input box is empty.

  • Fixed bug with ammo duplication when stored in object and using search object over and over.

  • Fixed weapon scope duplication when dragged from one rifle onto the other and relogging.

  • Tweaked spawn rate. You should encounter more animals now.

  • Fixed weapon spawn rotation. You wont be aiming in your head anymore.

  • Significantly increased hearing range of gunshot sounds.

  • Fixed equipment layer for bags. (You could have carreid more than 1 bag, now you can not)

  • Added an extra inventory slot to woodcuter shirts.

  • Fixed a bug where you could respawn before the timer hit zero.

  • Add 8 inventory slots on bulletproof vests.

  • Increased animal health and varied it more. (spear normally makes animal bleed severely but its the most common hunting weapon, guns kill it instatly)

  • Possible fix in underground bases that caused teleporting to surface,collision problem. Needs further testing.

  • Possible animal despawning bug fix. Animals used to despawn on random moments, after player interaction.

  • Added player killed audio event and player lost audio events to sentry.

  • WIP master server improvements. (Server browser should be more responsive)

  • Sentry now misses less bullets.

  • Tree bark rope is now made from short wooden sticks. Before was long wooden sticks.

  • Reduced needed skill level to craft a fire drill.

  • Fixed metal scrap making motion noise sound while equipped in hands.

  • Reduced inventory size for barbed wire from 2x2 to 1x1.


Patch Notes

SCUM - Wonderwe1ss

New patch will be live in 15 min!

  • Added first wave of server optimization that should decrease lag.

  • Fixed Prisoner stats not being saved in singleplayer mode

  • Fixed shelter and storage box saving in single player

  • Added cap to negative fame penalty on kill (Can’t lose more than 20 now)

  • Localization update, added German and Russian

  • Projectile actor is always relevant. (This fixed the bug where you didnt hear gun shoots behind your back)

  • Enabled character leaning while in melee combat mode and jogging/sprinting

  • Fixed bug where prisoner would recover from ragdoll on a vastly different location than he went into ragdoll.

  • Fixed glass on Hangar_01 Now awarenes should work. (Now you should see a player through the glass not just the gun flying around, also Sentries can see you through it now)

  • Fixed time dilation exploit for movement speed (speedhack)

  • Fixed Rendering distances on Airport (Buildings render further, so you wont see people flying around)

  • Adjusted temperature calculation while in water. (You get colder faster)

  • Fixed weapon models where they would look distorded on low settings. (also fixed that on a lot of items)

  • Added new sentry voice

  • Fixing Crossroar collisions (Where Sentry was getting stuck)

  • Sentry now only gives out one warning, even if player complies and leaves the area it will engage on sight next time

  • Fixed 1 sec bug for NoSkill Make Shelter, added times 25,20,15,10 sec for NoSkill/Basic/Medium/Advanced

  • Entering and leaving multiplayer submenu should not freeze for a second anymore

  • Enabled admin commands in singleplayer.

#ListAssets Item|Character [<Filter>]

#SpawnItem <Asset> [<Count>]

#SpawnCharacter <Asset> [<Count>]

#Teleport <Steam ID, Steam Name or Character Name> [<X> <Y> <Z>]

#SetFamePoints <Value> [<Steam ID, Steam Name or Character Name>]

Patch notes!


Hello prisoners, just a small preweekend patch going live in 15 min to make your gaming experience better!

  • Anti-cheat system improved.

  • Add an Improvised stab-proof vest

  • Edited collision for SM_Compensator (sentry could see the player, reported bug)

  • Expanded Primitive collision on Military Hangar doors meshes (Sentry should not be able to shoot you through the collision gap on oval hangar doors anymore)

  • Added search sounds to wooden boxes

  • Temporarily disabled bruising while we investigate the source of client performance drop

  • Added autodestruct check limit to items

  • Changed default item auto destruct time to 10min

  • Added search sounds for various items

  • Increased Rifle bash regain control (bash was faster than melee)

  • Added SM_Di…not yet…

  • Increased digestion rate by 30% - Daily intake should now be refreshed every 24h (scaled game time)

  • Wooden stick won’t bounce infinite times anymore (Possible fix for FPS drops)

  • Disabled glow on shelter and storage box

  • Fixed a server crash when inviting a player to a team after they force logged out

  • Server browser refresh is stoppable now