Star Wars: The Force Awakens (SPOILER ALERT) SPOILERS!!!!!

This thread is to discuss the new Star Wars Movie. It’s all about SPOILERS. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED, THIS THREAD IS A COMPLETE SPOILER DISCUSSION. SPOILERS

Seriously, GTFO if you haven’t seen the movie. WE WILL SPOIL IT IN THIS THREAD!!!

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This is your last warning, there will be Star Wars Spoilers following.

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I saw the new Star Wars movie today. I really enjoyed it. I truly missed Han Solo and Chewbacca. The new movies are a return to form from the original 3.

What I liked

  • Han Solo and Chewbacca. Those two haven’t missed a step. They were just as good as the original 3 movies.
  • Millennium Falcon. Is there a better space ship?
  • Lightsaber fights returned to a more natural sword fight. It’s not the retarded ballet dance fights that were in the “prequels”
  • They brought back the humor and lost the wooden acting.
  • Kylo Ren - he’s a bad ass. As long as he leaves his mask on…

What I didn’t like.

  • Han Solo died. I’m actually upset about that. WTF. Han Solo died… Fuck You Star Wars!
  • Kylo Ren unmasked. The dude looks like a total douche. I was waiting for him to say “I can’t even”
  • Storm Troopers stil can’t hit shit, yet Fin (a sanitation worker) is the next American Sniper when he loses his armor.
  • Rinse and Repeat story. Is the story any different than Star Wars A New Hope?
  • BB-8 is a weak replacement for R2D2.

All in all, I did enjoy the movie and look forward to the future movies. I’m even thinking of going back on Wednesday and watching it again with my boys. My kids LOVED it.

And I miss my favorite character in Star Wars. :frowning:


yep yep yep. agree on all this.

Somebody had too. Have to raise the stakes. Show that these characters are vulnerable. They forshadowed it the whole time. Also, my friend told me when we walked out of the movie that he only wanted to do ONE movie. He refused to do more, so his contract was for just the one. A: that spoiled it for nerds that read that shit, B: might also be why they killed him off.

That Shnozz is huge!! such a dorky guy.

Yeah, i mean… ANOTHER death star?! Oh and how convenient, a trench run… again… it is extremely similar story, but it was different enough.


I love how they introduced the Falcon. Wasn’t expecting that at all. I found it really wierd that Capt Fasma wasn’t in the movie more. She had only a few lines and was really just in the background… I assume they are introducing here here for a bigger role in the next movie. I also loved how Kylo Ren is so unhinged. When he sliced the hell out of the control console, that was awesome. I also like how his lightsaber isn’t very focused. It seems semi unstable like his personality.

Also Very glas that the Pilot didnt die, Poe i think, That guy was a great character.

Favorite Scene: The long shot when the resistance first arrives. It shows an X-wing (poe) blow up some storm troopers, take out a few tie’s, more troopers, then Tie’s again IIRC. Then Fin Calls the guy a hell of a pilot or something. Awesome Shot.

I’m excited to see this movie again also. Gonna try and drag my Father but i dont think its going to happen.


It seems like Poe is the new Han.

I knew Han would die as soon as that scene started. Told my youngest that he was going to so Kylo could complete his path to the dark side. Still sucks though. Harrison Ford still has it and was the highlight of the movie.

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He was awesome. Went out on a high note.

Carrie fisher tho… She didn’t sound ANYTHING like Leia. but thats what drugs will do to you.

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Totally got into this movie! I was nerding out from the opening score. Saw it twice but the first time I was pretty drunk so I’m glad I caught it Friday night as well. I really like how the main characters are not a rehash of Luke, Leia and Han. And dammit, I already miss Han.

Much more to talk about with this and thoeries as well as storylines. Gonna be a long 2 years til episode 8.

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Ever since I saw this douche (Kylo Ren) in the HBO show Girls (Horrible waste of a time slot on HBO) I have been concerned about Star Wars picking him up. What’s with this franchise gambling on some crappy actor talent. They should have learned from Haden Christian Panatere.

They should of hired Joffery.

I agree. I hate movies that don’t have a beginning and ending. The way I see it, all movies should be self contained. Having to wait 5 years to complete a story sucks.

I thought it was great overall, will see again.

Kylo Ren w/out mask doesn’t pull the sith baddie, more like teenager with temper tantrum. He is also not very skilled in lightsaber battles when gets beat by girl with no prior training.

I like how the trailers made you think Finn would be the force user only to have the twist revealed in the movie, very well done.

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I might take my boys again this Wednesday to see it again.

Good point on the temper tantrum. I imagine that’s Disney after his wife scolds him for not doing the dishes. Is Disney Sith?

Supreme leader Snook & Lord Voldemort one in the same?

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@Desoldier Someone in the theater said that as well.

Also, I thought they went out of their way to make it look like she could handle herself with that staff, and thus the skill with the lightsaber. Kind of hardened to life living on ones own persona.


Totally agree @Lala_Calamari I wasn’t sure what to expect when he was unmasked, but my son looks meaner that that dude. Really the only part I was disappointed with.

maybe they did that on purpose, to show a bigger change across movies. Kinda like… ugh… Anakins change between ep 2 and 3… hurts me to say that…

but yeah, maybe through the series he gets scars, make-up effects and such to make him look like an actual bad-ass force user…

He did take lightsaber to the face so I’ll guess we’ll see scars.

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Just saw it and enjoyed it. I didn’t read the books that came out and wondered if they mentioned why First Order didn’t use clone troopers. Only a single line brought it up through the whole movie just making a point the audience knew they were not clones. I don’t feel it’ll be important for the main story so won’t be brought up much.

And as Grimdawg said I think Finn is a force user as well. In Star Wars lore usually non-force users can’t use light sabers because the weapon is so light and no weight you’d wouldn’t be able to guide light saber like a normal sword.

There have been cases where we seen exceptions to this rule.

And I didn’t expect Luke to be in movie much already. He wasn’t in the trailers except for the voice over trailer, nor was he on the poster. But things didn’t go like I thought, which I am happy about so okay Luke is at end of movie and will play the role of Yoda for next movie.

As far as it being a retelling of A New Hope, I can’t really disagree. The main formula was there. But it worked for the movie.

I pretty much felt in a gut Han Solo was going to die from the start. Part of that is this movie is not about the old characters, it’s about the next generation. Luke, Leia, Han, and even Chewbecca are all just tools to push the new story through. But I can’t say it didn’t make me sad to see him go.

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Saw it this morning and likely going again on Monday to see it in IMAX 3D with my Dad and brother (unless the potential Tuesday storm screws it up).

Loved it and just knew that Han was a gonder. Considering Harrison Ford has always said he was disappointed that Han didn’t die in the earlier movies, you figured that was a way for JJ to get him to do the movie.