Starbound Server

I did a search on this game and only one post was it mentioned in by a new member last year. lol.

I am contemplating starting up Starbound again with a friend. It’s like Terraria but bigger and more to do. I might rent a server but wanted to gauge interest before I did.

Any @PCGamers have an interest in this?

It will be my first time hosting a game with mods so you’ll have to bear with me as I work out the kinks.


I finally got this bitch working. Ignore what I said before.
You will need a separate character to play on the server. Keep one for your single player game and one for the server.

Make sure your character creation screen has these boxes checked:

And make sure your Options are set as so:

Current Mods that are on the server: Steam Workshop

Port: 22925

Note: If you have played single player prior to this, you will notice a large difference about the ship. This is normal as Frackin Universe allows you to make your own ship upon loading a new game vs. the default one the game gives you. You can also choose the default if you so desire. This little change is what threw me off to start with. I saw just the hull of a ship and thought it was broken.

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I do own it. I will be without consoles this weekend so may try to fire it up and give it a go again and see why I had stopped playing it.

Sever is cheap. $1.00/person.

Might just do it anyway.

I would purchase to give it a go if you get a server up. Should be able to put some time in before RDR2 releases.

Been waiting for this one to go on sale, I played the hell out of Terraria and have heard nothing but great things about starbound.

Picked it up this morning. Already played some and I like it.

@anon42851937 must have coded this game. I just harvested corn.

@anon42851937 needs to donate to the devs. They would enjoy his money.

@GrumpyInUt Casual or Survival? Mods? Are you still thinking about it or 100%?

I suck at games anyway but I die plenty in casual just from enemies.

It will be Survival.
I just rented the server.
I will be running mods and am currently trying to figure out how to group them and share them and get them on the server. lol

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So I am never leaving the ship.

Git Gud

Dig has been dying as well so it isn’t my shitty skills.

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LOL. I know all too well how hard it is starting out.

Yeah like some flying bugs that drop shit on me to kill me when I can’t reach them?

Updated original post with server info.

I need to go do my stuff for the day. Will probably be later tonight before I can get back to fix anything that may be wrong.

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I logged in to try out Starbound…no idea what im doing but i like it so far

I had to wipe the map and start a new one. One of the things we needed to travel the universe was not spawning.

I found one of them on the new world. I will be playing late in to the night to figure out if this fixes it so that I can just leave the thing alone and let people build and and have fun.

Some of you have told me how much you enjoy it’s depth… just wait until you fix your spaceship. It gets much more fun.

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So I am stuck at my parents house today waiting for the internet tech to get here to install new net for them so I decided to see if my Surface Pro would run the game. No issues at all. Jumped on the server and have been playing for about an hour. Other than having to use the Surface keyboard it is enjoyable.

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