State of GRG 9/13

State of GRG

Every so often I like to write up the current state of GRG. For most of the summer GRG hasn’t been actively recruiting or pushing events. Most of us are on vacation or just doing things outside and away from video games. That will all change with the onset of fall releases. GRG will ramp up recruiting efforts and events.

We also needed to take some time and rethink how we run GRG. We had some massive drama early this summer. We needed to understand what happened. We had to find ways to avoid events like that from repeating. So GRG staff have spent the last month hashing out ways to improve GRG and allow it to properly grow.

Status of our PS4 community

Our PS4 community is currently in a state of rebuilding. We’re basically starting over and hopefully getting it right this time. After the drama, we considered just abandoning a PS4 community within GRG. And that was most likely going to be the case until both Catsweat and Klown asked if they could work on rebuilding the community. We spent some time on Discord chat discussing what we wanted to accomplish and ways to make it happen. I think we have a good plan in place with people dedicated to building the PS4 community the right way.

Our main focus for now will be Destiny and Battlefiled 1. We all agreed those games would be a great start to build upon. Also, they are titles both our PS4 Team Leads are heavily into to. We may branch out to other games (ie Titanfall 2) if there’s interest.

Klown has created a new PS4 Community that PS4 members can sign up for on the Playstation Network.

We’re also looking for anyone to help out as either staff or as a Gaming Group Leader (more on that later). Something simple as organzing a game night, or inviting people into your parties goes a very long way.

Status of GRG’s PC Community

PC Gaming continues to grow within GRG. We have several people playing many different games (Ark, Warcraft, Hearthstone -PJ). Our Discord voice chat is even being used. Unfortunalty, the lack of any unifying game makes it difficult to recruit and retain members. So at this time we’re going to just allow the PC Community to grow organically.

Status of GRG’s XBox Community

Things are going extremely well on the XBox side of the world. We have a large group that games together nightly. We have multiple game nights pulling in a ton of people. There’s not much planned on changing here. We’ll just keep on keeping on.


We’re going to focus recruiting on the major titles this fall. We’ll hit Reddit and the game forums. We ask everyone to take a moment and give our posts a thumbs up, like and even a comment. It’s very important to show how active we are as a community. We are currently planning on recruiting for the following titles:

  • Destiny
  • Battlefield 1
  • Call of Duty
  • Titanfall 2

GRG Community Gaming Groups

One of the ideas we came up with this summer was the creation of Gaming Groups. Gaming groups is way of organizing GRG members that are into the same games. It’s also a great way to communicate and reach out to that group. Gaming Groups are run not only by staff but can be by members. This is a great way for our Community to help run itself. And I appreciate any help I can get since running GRG is almost a full time job (without the pay). I highly recommend joining the groups that interest you. If we’re missing a gaming title you’d like to see, please let us know and we’ll work on creating it.

Currently we have Groups for the following:

* Ark Players Group


The ReaperCast is still going strong. We’ll also stay audio only for the time being. The pressure and difficulty of the video show wasn’t really worth it. Skype is not our friend. We are still looking for people to fill in. We’d like to get different people on and get a different perspective on gaming. Please let us know if you’re interested in being part of the show.

GRG Streaming

We always bat around the idea of streaming and building up our / Youtube streams. While it seems like a great idea and could help promote GRG we just aren’t consistent enough to do it properly. We would also like to do a monthly GRG Top 5 video but need submissions. We also need people willing to actually edit the videos. Really, if GRG is to do any of this we will need a lot of assistance from the community.


I believe that GRG is in a great state at the moment. We are really prepared for a major recruiting cycle. The addition of gaming groups will help retain those new members. Also, I feel very confident that Catsweat and Klown will be able to get the PS4 community rolling again.

That said, I’d like to hear everyone’s comments. Any ideas or concerns are welcomed.


Jack - Lala Calamari


I’ve said it before but I still feel the same.
I prefer the audio version of the Reapercast.
Makes it that much easier to listen to it whilst I’m doing something else (I’m never awake when it airs, or used to air?)

Also, is there a reminder of the guidelines for clip submission somewhere?

No Overwatch group?

Seriously though, great job guys. Wish I had more time to participate, but its always nice to have a core group of people to game with on those rare occasions I am able to get on.


Hearthstone shout out.

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That’s something we can easily add if there’s interest. It’s not a problem at all. I’ll talk to Grex about getting it set up. I’m not sure who we’d get as a leader but at least you’d be able to ping the entire Overwatch Group with a @Overwatchplayers tag. (great way to get those people alerted).

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We noticed that most activity was Audio only. Our live feed and YouTube video were just a very small fraction of listeners. The headaches that getting the live video show to work (and not crash) just weren’t really worth it. We’re essentially doing the same thing now but without the live feed and we just use a Skype voice recorder to capture audio. Very little editing gets done and that’s mostly to splice stopped sections (skype drops, someone needs a break, etc). It’s still a lot of work and I’m usually up to 2-3 am after the ReaperCast getting it all done and posted.

We need to find a better way to make videos. It’s a very time consuming matter. We also only get clips submitted by the same 4-5 people. I’d love to turn this over to a member that would be interested in helping. Also, I’d love to get an official GRG intro / outro and other scenes. Anyone in GRG good at video work?

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A well deserved one. And proper Captain for the meme!

I want to elaborate on groups a bit as just our latest feature to help foster communication within the community. We are always looking for ways that our members can connect on the digital battlefiled. As Lala mentioned groups are easy to set up and if you think there should be one for a paticular game please let us know. Also you may notice that we do not have them segrated by platform (PC, PS4, Xbox). This is on purpose. The idea is that the group is for the game not the platform. We may have sub categories in the forums for the current shinny pennies which will come and go, But the group will always remain. so you can call on those people when the game may not be the new hot thing.

If you have any ideas on ways to improve or if you see an issue with anything in the community please do not hesitate to reach out to any of the GRG staff.


Being almost drama free for the majority of the summer seems to have help the site get into a nice groove. The PS4 side, if we want to continue with it needs to be the focus in my opinion. (XBOX seems to be moving forward without any major issues.)

While I will be on Xbox the majority of the time, I am trying set certain days aside for PS4. I plan to play the major titles on both consoles (BF1, Destiny) and will figure out what works best for my schedule, once I know, I will start planning play dates.

Moving forward, there are some big titles coming out, everyone is back off the summer hiatus, if we want to push the site forward, we have a really good opportunity coming up with these big titles being released.


Perhaps @mac79pr might be persuaded? Hate to volunteer others and not step up myself, but for the group to be successful we probably need someone who is available a little more. I would be happy to take a vice-chair role and do all I can.

I am hoping for a good recruitment on PS4 for the fall titles. My main goal is to get it to run similar to the X1 side as far as more community fun and less grindy competitive tryhard(other than Destiny of course lol)

If anyone has any issues or suggestions on the PS4 side, please dont hesitate to bring it to either me or @catsweat. Let us earn our stripes and help keep this place in order


While I still love Overwatch, I’m currently addicted to Ark. I’d like to see how many are atill interested in playing OW at least once a week and try the competitive stuff.

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And if anyone can help these guys it would be greatly appreciated. Simple things like inviting people to your gaming parties is a HUGE help.

I could see myself playing OW weekly with GRGers.

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Monday - Wednesday would be best for me