Summerfall Event - ESO

They finally announced how you can unlock the free mount I mentioned in this thread.

Earn the Summerset Pathfinder Achievement and work with your fellow players to unlock up to three unique > Summerset-themed collectibles – the more players that unlock the Achievement, the greater the rewards for all!


From Thursday, September 20 at 11:00AM EDT until Friday, September 28 at 10:00AM EDT, work together with your fellow ESO: Summerset players to explore the island and earn up to three free unique collectibles, including the Psijic Mascot Pony pet, the Psijic Escort Charger mount, and the impressive Grand Psijic Villa house.

To help unlock these new rewards, you must acquire the Summerset Pathfinder Achievement by visiting all 10 of ESO: Summerset ’s “Striking Locales” located on both the home of the High Elves and the mystical island headquarters of the Psijic Order. Every day, we’ll update the Summerfall Event page to indicate the ESO community’s progress with a special meter. The pet will unlock at 33%, the mount at 66%, and finally the home at 100%. If you’ve already earned this Achievement, don’t worry, we’ve already included you in the tally.

You can track your Summerset Pathfinder Achievement progress and get tips on the locations from the Summerset section of your Achievement menu, but if you’re having trouble finding your way around, you can also find a helpful map below:

In order to be eligible to receive the rewards, you must have logged into the game while owning ESO: Summerset at least once (since its initial launch in June) by Sunday, October 7 at 8:00PM EDT. Note that rewards will be delivered by October 10, and even if you were unable to acquire the Summerset Pathfinder Achievement, as long as you have logged into the game while owning ESO: Summerset by October 7, you will receive the unlocked rewards for free. Don’t forget to thank your fellow players!

Finally, we’ll also have Twitch Drops enabled for all ESO Twitch stream! Starting on Thursday, September 20 at 10:00AM EDT, watch any ESO Stream on Twitch with a linked account for a chance to receive some Ouroborus Crown Crates. The Twitch Drops window will end on Thursday, September 27 at 7:00PM EDT. Drops will be awarded every 24 hours at 11:00AM EDT and are only available for PC/Mac users at this time.


So, to get the free stuff you just need to own the DLC and have logged in by a certain date?


Seems like an odd way to promote players to play the expansion. “So get this achievement and help contribute to the 100% BUT you can just login and dont help and we’ll still let you reap the rewards.”

And console players getting jipped on the Twitch drops.

Still need 33% complete for the pet, 66% for the mount and 100% for the home. I’m going to try for the mount as that’s the only thing I really want. I just don’t have much interest in the homes and I only rock the Dwarven spider pet.

Yeah but the way they worded it implies the percentage was not something you had to directly contribute toward? Maybe I just misinterpreted.

Yeah dont think you have to but if you dont then it might hinder getting to 100%.

I lack one more from getting the achievement and been on a lil over an hour so it’s a pretty easy contribution. Also did the geysers near them which first completions give you a good chunk of xp.

@SoInZane what needs to be done exactly for the locations? Just travel to a spot or is there some sort of quest involved? I need to get to 66% to get the mount.

Is this just all the standard landmarks on the map or new locations? What if you already discovered all those locations?

Reading Comprehension FTW.

I need to check to see if I have it at 100%. I’m pretty sure I have this achievement on my Sorc. Rewards are a community goal, not a personal goal. I’m not sure of the metrics. I highly doubt the Villa is attainable but I’m hoping to at least get the mount.

Yeah it is just discovering the ‘striking locales’ and if you have already done it then it has been counted towards the goal.

I think the villa is a stretch as well but I won’t complain if it falls in my lap.

I know @GreyJedi wants it for the ps4 eso guild hall, i have a very strong female intuition, that if he doesnt get the villa, he’s going to drop $100 just for a guild hall


You better get on there and get that achievement :joy::rofl::joy:

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This is the only way I upgrade my basic bitch apartment.

I am completing this quest over this weekend. One way or the other.

I already have this done on my sorc. Just verified it. I should work on it on my Nightblade as I would like to gear him up. Especially since I hear they are nerfing sorcerers sheilds.

The last I saw we were at 73% so we have the mount. Maybe we’ll get the house. Would be my first and only house I get.



Well at least it would be a good house… I didnt think they’d make it attainable but we might luck out

If yall go to the second floor of the psyic collage and out the doors there is a portal you can take to preview the villa


Last I saw it was over 85%. They better not dick tease us with this damn house. If I would buy one it would be in Summerset as it’s my favorite area.


Furnishing this villa…

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