Sunday Night Driving - Forza Horizons 3 3/19

Join GRG for a night of Sunday Driving in Horizon 3! We’ll run a few different types of races.

We’re looking to set up some classes / style races. Pick a few style of races and car types ahead of time so people can bring their rides.

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I have yet to join since I got the game 2 weeks ago. Maybe this Sunday is the night. We shall see. :alien:

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Suggestions for next week

Ghurka - Any Class - Rolling Hills Circuit
Bentley SuperSport (From Forzathon) - S1
Cult Classics - Class A or S1

Bump as a reminder.

Are these the cars set for this week? Shit, I’ve been slacking and don’t have any of these. Need to fire up Forza and get some. I also need to figure out why I can’t use cars I bought already.

We’ll be starting this up around 9 PM EST.


Embiid blesses this event.

Sounds good, but I’ll be late again. Kids back to school Monday so we gotta watch TWD first.

Those cars are fine with me. I’ll be leaving early, going to see Logan.

Well, we canceled this night, we need to re-think this event. On one hand we want to offer a variety of events. We were looking to mix things up with different style games to really just break up the monotony of shooters. On the other hand, it’s not really worthwhile to run them if no one shows.

I’m not sure what GRG wants to do as far as events. We ask our members what they really want from GRG but we just don’t get any response.

I’ve enjoyed this Sunday Night event as it was always a fun time, good shit talking and interaction with a larger segment of the community.

I enjoy it as well. Casual yet competitive racing. Wish we had a larger group available to play.

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I’m fine with Forza but I’m open to playing something else.