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Self explanatory. All about beards, beard maintenance, beard Q&A or just jealous of not being able to grow one. How many GRG have and maintain a furry face?

I actually had a question about growing one. Figured I would just create a thread. I’ve been attempting to have something on my face for the last ~6 months and seem to be at a stand still with it. Been trimming, washing and even bought a great Boar brush (which I love). What do you do when it gets to the point where it doesn’t really seem to be growing anymore? I do work with the public and have to trim and maintain so I don’t look homeless

I grow one right after Christmas until our March break.

I’ve been saddled with a job that wouldn’t let me have facial hair, as I had to be fit tested with an SCBA.

Loving that my new job let’s me keep my goatee, as long as it’s not Grizzly Adams.

Same with me. I had to be clean shaven and then moved to a small town and changed careers. Now that I can grow one, or try to, I feel super manly

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From my experience a beard may never get as big or bushy as you want it. Mine doesnt get long at all. After a year of trying to grow one, it was an inch maybe. I toss it up to genes and just trim what I have and rock a goat and stash combo.

I’m super gray in the beard. So it throws my perception off a bit on how long it’s actually getting and I am probably trimming it too far because of it. I should go to a professional and have them show me. I don’t think I can ever go back to not having one now.

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I’ve found a few grays in mine as well. I just let it grow and trim to look good. Still working on that looking good part

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It’s the only gray I really have. Otherwise I look like I’m 22

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About 2 years ago^

Gray hair is taking over for sure. I recently shaved my beard off to start fresh.

1 Beard oils are your friend. It keeps is soft, and from itching. If you have curly hair like me it helps straighten it out.
2 Get a wood beard comb and a boars hair brush. Do not over comb, brush or touch your bear. I know it’s fun to stroke, but don’t touch it.
3 Don’t use shampoo or body soap on it. I buy natural soap off Etsy you can find “beard” soaps too. Don’t use soap in it every day.
4 Stress, Diet, smoking, and alcohol have something to do with it as well as genetics. They say genetics is a large part of it and will determine the length you can grow. They being “beard experts”.

This is just off the top of my head. I have gone 2 full years with a beard the length in the picture and the grays just got out of control. I probably will keep it trimmed now.

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I grabbed this kit a few months ago.

I don’t use the styling bottle, but the wash and the brush are amazing. I definitely have curly hair, so that’s good to know.

My family is military, so I’ve never seen any of the men with beards. All I can do is hope for the best lol

Shit I use dove men’s shampoo in mine lol. This thread would’ve been better a few days ago so I had a Father’s Day idea.

I can’t turn back time Tex.

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I have something of a Van Dyke beard.

Tried to take it little further once but I don’t think it suited and a few people told me it didn’t look good - so I reverted back.

My girlfriend hasn’t seen me without one, we’ve been together about 3.5 years.
I also haven’t cut my hair since we’ve been together, though that’s been closer to, erm, 7 years?


Holy hell lol.

This man does not lie, he is the beard guru for GRG.
@h2daddy where are those before and after photos?

I wasn’t going to argue with someone that has a MLB tag. All hail the beard guru