Time to try Warframe?????

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I really enjoy warframe. And now that i have it on the PC and XB1…lol…i am always having to decide which platform to play on. It is nice that we have players on both platforms.

I downloaded it back onto my PS4 but haven’t loaded it up yet.

I’ll find the aiming easier at least, though it wasn’t that hard on PC - the AI didn’t move that fast.

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I played for a few hours tonight. Running the Bow and Staff. Going Ranger Space Ninja mode. A bit confused with some of the game. Mainly on how to group up. Did a bunch of missions and even did 2 rounds of some Horde mode that almost gave me a seizure.

Game is fun. Love one shotting things with the bow.

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I think you just choose to join someone whilst they’re in their ship. Not sure if you can join on someone when they’re mid-mission.
The bow is easily my favourite weapon so far - clear choice over the assault rifle or whatever that first gun was.

I think the @DestinyPlayers should give this game a try while they wait on D2. It’s a good combo of Destiny and Diablo, and it costs nothing. It’ll give you something to do for a month at least.

so there are a few ways to group up…

  1. you have to check you play status…it has 3 options. Solo, Friends only, open party.
  2. when selecting a mission, it will tell you if there are ‘open squads’ running that mission currently
  3. The game will attempt to group you based on your settings in #1
  4. If it looks like you are not getting grouped up with open party, in the top left you can select to wait for players to join before the mission count down ends.
  5. if you have friends/clan members on, based on their settings in #1, you can join in on their mission or vice versa.
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I downloaded it a few weeks ago. It’s not a bad game and is a good time killer. I have zero clue on what I’m supposed to do. I just fly to diff places and shoot things in the face. I know there’s quests to complete etc but as far as a story I’m lost. Still a good game though.

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I have also downloaded the game. Its somewhat confusing to start. Looks good and plays pretty well

pc or xbox?>

Played it for awhile last night and it seemed confusing at first but figured it out (I think). It also helped that I had @Lala_Calamari, @EnyoBellona and @GrumpyInUt to give some guidance.

I wouldn’t say @GrumpyInUt helped. He just ran ahead or died.

Like a lamb to the slaughter.

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Going to be running some Warframe from about 5 EST to 8 or 9 EST today if anyone is interested.

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I am on most of the time, if anyone needs help send me an invite

Played a little bit tonight as I was bored with other games and the wife already packed my discs away. The game is an interesting mix between destiny and Crysis IMO. I’d be up to party up with folks on west coast best coast time on occasion if the interest is there. I know Mehstiny is out shortly, so I’ll hold my breath. Still if anyone is interested, I’d be down.


I’m sure @quantumklutz and @GrumpyInUt will be happy to hear that my frustration with Destiny 2 has lead me back to playing a bit of Warframe. I’ve hit a wall in Destiny and the only thing I have really left to do is the Raid.

Still have no fucking clue what I’m doing other than wrecking enemies. Someone needs to teach me this game.

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Now that I have my Xbox with me, maybe I should download it and then be confused by this game on two systems.