Upcoming Sea of Thieves Alpha test

Hey Insiders!

Thanks to you, our passionate fans, our first Technical Alpha in December was a huge success! We received loads of feedback from our players, and learnt a great deal. So we’ve decided to add another play session and invite 5,000 more people!

As before, we’ll be sending invitations out by email tomorrow, and opening the servers this weekend. If you’re one of the chosen players, you’ll also get access to the exclusive and hidden Technical Alpha section of the forum and Xbox Live Club, plus automatic access to all future play sessions! That means those of you who were invited last time can join in with this weekend’s shenanigans.

That’s all for now, but keep an eye on your inbox!

The Sea of Thieves Team

Hoping to get lucky and get in the alpha.

So…anyone get an invite?

I did. It’s only a 3 hour test window and I’m not sure I’ll even be around to try it.


didn’t get one

Me either.

Dat GRG pull tho…

Lala has been kissing the Devs butt on Twitter.

Yeah, that GRG pull…

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I got one.

You got a hand-job?

He has gotten many.

I thought he gave them?!?

HA-HA! You’re all busted since the terms of the Alpha are you don’t discuss it!
In a completely unrelated question, what is 7-10GMT for US Central time?


1pm to 4pm


Can confirm.
Also looked it up online.
Which @Johneffinggalt apparently needs lessons in how to?

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While you’re looking up stuff could you google subtlety.
Maybe you can do that on your PS4 while we’re all playing Sea of Thieves?

I didn’t know the window times, so I didn’t pick up on it…
Plus you said it was unrelated! I believed you … like a fool …

Hey just breaking balls :grinning: first rule of GRG - never believe anything another member says :slight_smile:

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So I probably shouldn’t believe that either, right!
I’m onto you…