Walking Dead Chat (Spoilers!)


I swear this is the only show that gets me emotional. Every time someone from Rick’s group dies I feel like I am loosing a family member. I even some what know whats coming from the comics but these unexpected deaths are brutal. RIP Tyreese. The whole time I was like cut your arm off! Waited to long.

So anyone else got the feeling Negan’s group shot up Noah’s neighborhood? Even though they are 100 miles out from Washington.

My main disappointment last night was Beth got to sing again.

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We all knew Tyresse’s days were numbered. Sucks to see him go. It was a pretty cool send off.

I bet Negan shows up in the season finale. I just HOPE they deviate from the comics. At least the initial encounter.

Yea I was hoping Tyreese would make it to Alexandria (or whatever they call it). At first when they cut off his arm I thought maybe he would take the place of Rick losing his hand but I guess that was Hershel with the leg or maybe he will still lose it.

I agree with you about Negan showing up in the finale it is the perfect cliff hanger. I wouldn’t be surprised to see at least one more character die this season. If the Alexandria arc is coming up a lot of characters are gonna be introduced. I guess if we see Aaron introduced in the next couple episodes we will know for sure.

There was something written on a retaining wall in Richmond about Wolves. I also noticed that the detached torsos of the walkers in the back of that truck had a W carved in their foreheads. I wonder if the Wolves that are being referred to is some sort of group like Negan’s?

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I think Tyrese’s time to go came awhile ago. He really didn’t bring much to the show. He was a marshmallow compared to his comic self. I thought that Merle having his hand cut off replaced ricks.

I think they did some good foreshadowing with Glenn picking up a wood baseball bat.

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That’s going to be a tough scene to watch. And one I fully expect to see the last 5 minutes of the season finale.

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Just nuke the fuckers and end this show !

Say it ain’t so!

Not Carl. Carl will never die. LOL.

One could only wish he would. He’s the Steve Urkel of the Walking Dead

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I thought Noah was the urkle!

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I’m waiting for Carl’s eye to get shot out!

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Me too. I hope they don’t cut that out. Some of the funniest dialog in the comics is Negan teasing Carl after he lost his eye.

Looks like this guy might be playing Aaron…

and this guy might be Dr Pete…


Easter Eggs from the last episode…

  1. The voice you hear on the radio broadcasts in the mind of Tyreese is actually the voice of Andrew Lincoln, in his natural accent. What we are hearing, most likely, is not reports about the zombie outbreak, but sadly, radio reports about the Rwandan genocide.

  2. The shots of Glenn holding and using a baseball bat are almost certainly allusions to his death in the comic book series by Negan, who smashes Glenn’s head in with a bat.

  3. The ‘W’ on the foreheads of the dissected walkers may also be a reference to the Wolves, or possibly to The Whisperers, a group of survivors from the comic series that we have not yet met in the television show. It’s possible, too, that the Whisperers run with wild dogs/wolves.


There is also a very brief shot of the survivors being attacked by what looks like wild dogs or wolves in the “Next on” promo (at the 24 second mark):

Wtf? No one has anything to say about that epic episode last night?

it was a pretty gruesome episode last night. is this show turning into thrones with killing people off.

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Pretty brutal episode. Getting a little more in line with the comics.

Well, no one is ever safe on the walking dead. I was surprised Noah got it as they pretty much just introduced him.

And WTF is up with Cookie boy. He’s almost as annoying as Carl.

Noah’s days were number as soon as he had that talk about looking forward to being there.