Who here in GRG still Streams?

So I was looking over an old thread we have…

And was curious to who in GRG still streams regularly?

Also if you are a new member to GRG and you enjoy streaming please let us know here.

Reason why I ask…well I have another project I am working on that well needs the data. Not giving any details beyond that quite yet.

Thx for letting me know.

I’ve gotten lazy with streaming. I never do anything interesting enough

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I stream still most of the time I play www.twitch.tv/soulterror8/


Will start streaming more when Madden and PUBG hits xbox.

I used to stream for the first week or two after I joined the group. Baby put a stop to that - we’ve got a fairly small apartment.

I’d like to pick up streaming again once baby is at the age where he can eat larger meals and sleep for several hours at a time.

I still stream, but I don’t usually stream when I know it will not be good…like last night’s Paladins. ANd, since I still play a lot of COD…nobody really sees it anyway.

Now that summer is almost over I’ll be back to streaming on a more consistent basis - especially when our new fiber service starts up and I have a 20 mbps upload to upload in true HD.

Sometimes when playing Rocket League on PS4.

Haven’t tried to setup streaming on my PC yet either.

I still stream. I don’t stream Dark and Light because my PC can’t handle anything else while that game is running.

I don’t stream it cause who wants to watch me chop down trees.

Not streaming as most of the content is old news right now. Betas coming up and D2 will help last thing I streamed was the D2 Beta

Well that’s me out then.


I will never understand streaming or people that watch streams. I just don’t get it. I must be too old.

Nah it’s not completely an age thing. There are 60+ year olds that stream and watch streams. I like to watch them while I work, but I am very picky about who I watch. If they aren’t streaming then I am not watching.

I think I am into watching streams because it is something that I have been interested in before twitch was even a thing. I have always had the equipment to record or stream. I still have my first capture card that only uses RCA connectors. Back then it was montages and machinima. Streaming is just the evolution from that.

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For me, it’s a way to experience a game without buying it or getting pissed at the tougher levels. I did the same before the internet. going to friend’s houses to watch them play a game while I wait my turn or something.

YouTube or twitch is just the upgrade of that.


I still stream most of the time

I know this is an old thread but maybe a bump is what it needs for newer people. I still stream though not regularly at all as I am lucky to have enough time to even play games right now but when I do it’s sometimes on Twitch and sometimes on Mixer depending on how I am feeling. I will eventually settle and commit, maybe :slight_smile: Right now I am in a holding pattern as I have hired a guy I know to do some graphic design work for my channels

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I am going to start streaming some events like IB and Raids in D2, and Dungeon Crawls in ESO.

Anyone interested in co-streaming I’m using Mixer.