Who Is Getting Morrowind?

  • I Have It Pre-Ordered!
  • I Will Be Getting It In The Future.
  • I’m Not Interested In Fun.
  • What’s A Morrowind?

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Let’s get a head count going

I picked pre-ordered even though I don’t at the moment. I will be getting this, I just need to look at the pre-order options and see which one I want.

I need something to occupy me this summer.


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Thanks. I’m packing and posting. Bad combination for doing things properly.

I chose the Morrowind upgrade pre order. Just adds the expansion. I’ll grab any extras later

Cancel that, pre-ordered. All set. I got the Morrowind Upgrade with the 2 DLC packs.

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i’ll look at the deal and decide later.

I’ll get it, however I may not be on til end of June when I come back home. Not sure if I’ll preorder. What’s the deal if you do?

When you pre-order The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind, you’ll have the option to pre-order five different versions.

Physical Collector’s Edition: This premier edition is for the ultimate fan and includes the Discovery Pack, all premium digital content (outlined in more detail below), The Elder Scrolls Online base game, and the following exclusive collectibles:
Naryu’s Journal, a full-color, large-format art book chronicling the assassin’s pursuit of a conspiracy across Tamriel
The Dwarven Colossus Statue, a 12" tall replica of the Colossus you saw in the announcement trailer and will encounter in the new Trial, the Halls of Fabrication
A full high-quality paper map of Morrowind
An special metallic game case bearing the marks of Vivec and the Tribunal

Digital Collector’s Edition: This edition includes the Discovery Pack, The Elder Scrolls Online base game, plus the following unique in-game items:
An exclusive grey-colored War Bear to fight by your side when you play as a Warden
An Armored War Horse mount, fashioned with – you guessed it – horse armor, featuring ancient Dwarven plate
Your own personal Dwarven Spider pet
A Morag Tong equipment converter, so you can customize your items with the distinct style of the Morag Tong
A bundle of character emotes that will aid you in celebrating victories against your opponents

Digital Collector’s Edition Upgrade: If you already own ESO, you can still obtain the in-game items described above in addition to the Discovery Pack and Morrowind itself by choosing this upgrade.

Standard Edition: Pre-ordering this edition will net you the Discovery Pack, plus the full Elder Scrolls Online base game.

Morrowind Upgrade: If you’re just looking for Morrowind and already own ESO, this upgrade is what you’re looking for. Don’t forget if you pre-order, you’ll still get all the items from the Discovery Pack!

Note that if you pre-order any version of The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind, you will secure the exclusive Discovery Pack.


The Discovery Pack contains the following in-game items, which you’ll automatically receive when pre-ordering any edition of Morrowind:

A Warden-themed costume as seen in the announcement trailer that any of your characters can wear
A loyal Dwarven War Dog pet
Three Treasure Maps for Vvardenfell
A Dwarven Crown Crate that you can open for a chance to receive a Dwarven-themed mount, pet, costume, or other items
Two Experience Scrolls that will give you 50% more experience for two hours

I just personally went for the Morrowind upgrade.

Hmmmm I may do that as well. Looks like the cheapest option!

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Cheapest and still gives you more than you need. Seemed like the best option. No point in basically rebuying the entire game.

How much is the upgrade?

About tree fiddy


$49.99 Canadian. So cheap for you down South.

$40 bucks for the upgrade. $60 bucks for all the horse shit extra. I used GRG funds to get the horse shit extra. So you don’t get paid this month, sorry.


Pre ordered. Stuck at level 26 though. I spell cast/defend/swing about as good as I do in first person shooters. Not good. Getting one shoted in the quests.

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Screenshot your attributes for me. I can’t remember what you are playing. Restro staff templar?

Wood Elf Templar. Can someone remind me how to take a screen shot?

Double tap Xbox button. Press Y

Picked this up as a pre-order today. I’ll be playing Tuesday evening hopefully.

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