Xbox One X Debate

So while listening to the latest Reapercast, we definitely were not on the same page with the popularity of the Xbox One X at a $499 price point. Help us settle the debate and feel free to leave feedback for us to discuss on our next show.

Will you be purchasing a Xbox One X?

  • Definitely
  • Possibly
  • No Way At That Price

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Yes and no. I am getting one ,but I am not buying it myself. It will be my gift for my 40th.

Ok good to know. So you wouldn’t have purchased one for yourself?

Let’s be real honest. Who are you talking to?

Of course I would get one.


I’m going to get It, but waiting until the holidays to see what bundles they’ll have

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Don’t like to get in at initial price point. Will need a least a sale or two before I budge and buy one.

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I don’t like the price point either. I’m not sure how soon I’ll get a 4K TV, so unless the menus and such start really dragging on my launch XB1, no dice. And even then, I’d probably lean toward an S until the X comes down.

I will be buying one. I skipped the slim. Also with my kids getting older i am going to move the Xbone to the basement for them and get the One X for me.


I would love to have one and would preorder now. The only barrier is the wife.

Everyone brings up price as an issue but none of us had problems spending $499 when the XBox One first came out.

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It was a brand new console and I wouldn’t be able to play some of the games on the 360. This will play the same games and is only 3 years after I bought the launch one.


There’s the big difference - we don’t need a new console to keep playing together as a community. XB1 can play with XBS can play with XBX. When XB1 came out, you either jumped on board for 499 or you were left behind by those that did. This is basically an upgrade to an existing system, and one that may not be taken advantage of for quite a while.

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Did you just bro me? Damn.

I’m not debating on the value of buying a new console while you already have one. I’m just saying $500 for a new console with the specs the XBox X isn’t something unheard of. And we had no issues paying that price when the One shipped. Whether or not you need 2 XBoxes is a personal choice but shouldn’t be factored into the value of the X.

Anyway, welcome to the way consoles will be launched for now on.

And as far as whether the 499 is worth it for the XBX, that’s not really what I’m debating. What I’m debating is whether it’s a must buy at that price. I don’t think many will adopt early, especially if Sony keeps expanding their lead this gen - which I think will happen given Sony will push their 4K unit for less. The majority (even a lot of hardcore XBox gamers) will wait for that drop, which will happen sooner rather than later if they keep losing ground.


Let’s also keep in mind that we are arguing this as people that actually game. Parents that are getting a Xbox for the kids are going to see that 200 - 250 price point on the slim and get that.

I think it may if you’re going from the XBox One. It probably isn’t necessary if you have a XBox S or do not own a 4k TV.

That said, PC gamers do this all the time. How often are graphic cards updated or CPUs. That price is what the X is going for and I guess how I see it.

No doubt the X is for the hardcore gamers at the moment. Families are going to buy little Timmy the S for 200. That will change when XBox phases out the S and makes the X the only choice. That will probably be a year or 2 out. When it does, expect to see the price drop as well.

I think we’ll see a price drop sooner rather than later. Wasn’t it around 6 month in we saw the first major sales/drop on the XB1? Phil Spencer may claim the PS4 Pro is a competitor to the S, but consumers won’t see it that way. In reality, the Pro sits between the S and the X in terms of gaming in 4K.

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I’m getting it simply because I was going to upgrade to the S for my TV and shit, but I held off because this was coming. Now, I will be getting it.

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I look at it like upgrading a video card. I tend to do that about every 3 to 4 years and it cost me around $500. This is becoming no different.

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I was wanting to upgrade my launch console as it it. My GF has the S and I’m honestly not that impressed with it. I’ll pay the money for the X and get something worth while. Plus I’m in the middle of getting a new tv so it all works out. I spend a lot of time gaming and see myself getting my money’s worth.

I will pre order it so I have it the day it comes out. I skipped the S because this was coming out. I also want 2 consoles so my son doesn’t have to bring his over when he visits and both consoles will have all my games and DLC loaded. And the fact that my DVD player in the launch console only works about half the time or less.