[XBX1] Tater Raiding 9pm Saturday 3/30/19 any raid?

image @destinyplayers

@Sniper_T1 got the the 1000 voices …lets discuss getting sotp rolling as the second raid as it took 27 minutes to clear last week…so let me know how many of us don’t have 1k voices yet?

Depending on who signs up (those under 650) and group consensus, we will do some LW and then try a full SOTP run…the draw for the LW clear 1st is the 1000 voices opportunity…and it seems like that is going strong here.

*All are welcome. This is designed to be a fun teamwork exercise that awards us good raid gear. **(we are thinking 650 is probably the power/LL floor for LW and for SOTP at this point). Please sign up below so we can plan for 1, 2 or 3 raid teams. Signups have priority over show-ups. We will start filling open slots by 9:15 unless you let us know you are running late and maybe we will hold your slot.

I am in.

Perhaps. Would like to run again since I don’t have 1k Voices yet, but I need to look up mechanics of the next raid