Any interest in streaming for GRG?

I noticed a few people in GRG getting into streaming. We currently have a Twitch Channel for GRG that allows auto hosting. Meaning we can add GRG members to it and it will broadcast their feed to our channel.

@beers_and_leafs also set up a GRG channel on Beam. This is Microsoft’s attempt at game streaming. It’s now baked right into the new XBox user interface. I tried it out last night and it’s pretty slick and works very well if you’re streaming directly from the console.

GRG’s Twitch Channel

GRG’s Beam Channel

What streaming service should we focus on? If at all.

  • Twitch TV
  • Beam - Microsoft’s Version
  • Why not both?
  • Don’t fucking care

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Also, let us know if you’d be interested in being added to the GRG channel.

I’m all for a presence on both. It seems that more streamers are working to build communities of gamers with their streams as much if not more than as a revenue source. The more streaming we do, the more we can use it to recruit.

I’ll be on Twitch for the time being, although I may jump on Beam now and again to try it out. I think I’m on the GRG channel on both, but probably should make sure (I know I’m on the Twitch GRG channel). We should also check out the communities beta they’re starting on Twitch as well. See if that is something we’re interested in.

I am going to start streaming on Twitch a lot more.

You can add my channel on the GRG host list as long as you don’t mind occasional Hearthstone streams!

Hell, that game is top 5 on Twitch consistently. Why not?

Yeah even when I don’t have a mic I likely will start streaming no matter what I am playing.

Already done.

I haven’t tried Beam yet, but I’ve used Twitch through Xbox. I don’t mind taking part in either program.

ESO (Questing streams and GRG Dungeons)
Mass Effect

Beam: xxxNAILBUNNYxxx

Beam is kinda cool, but I can’t get the sound and the video to synch up, so for now I’m going back to Twitch.

I wouldn’t mind streaming every now and then to help promote GRG, however def not all the time. I tried doing that and had to stop due to data cap charges that are now in place for my ISP.

You guys know I have used Beam, Twitch, and Youtube. While I think doing both Beam and Twitch is fine I think the focus should be Twitch.

Their feature list is more robust for communities. If you download their desktop app you can start a server for your community. It is a discord server and allows your community, followers, etc chat while viewing whatever is being hosted by the GRG twitch account. It even has voice channels.

It also has voice/video calls. It looks like it may be hosted by skype but I am not 100%. The controls panel is the same layout.

Technically we could move our whole community their if you could connect your current discord server to it, but it doesn’t seem that you can at this time. At least from what I can tell.

Beam is growing and if you get partnered allows from some cool interactions with your viewers but twitch is adding or already has added many thing to compete with it. Beam does however have FTL (faster than light). Which just reduces the delay between a streamer interacting with their audience.

I will stream to any place but if we want to make a presence I think we should focus on one and Twitch seems to be the most used.

Thinking about getting back into warcraft I could stream the hell out of that. Starting from scratch though :poop:

You can add my channel to the list thinking of starting streaming running slot of warframe and assorted other games right now

Feel free to add me as well.

Just got my stream set back up on new PC. Gonna be streaming in all my game ADHD glory

We can add you to our beam team. Same user name? I’m assuming they just use Xbox accounts.

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@beers_and_leafs can you add Robb? I don’t think I have the ability.

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I sent him an invite 2 weeks ago. I’ll send another one tomorrow.

Twitch - Krakosgaming


As a reminder, the Auto Host is set for random. There is no priority. Just wanted everyone to understand in case we actually have 2 people streaming at the same time and you don’t see your stream.