GRG Community Night 9/13 - Raid Day!

Just a reminder that tonight is GRG’s community night. Obviously the main focus for most will be Destiny 2. The raid comes out today. Who wants to group up and fail at it? I think I’d like to take a crack at it.

If you haven’t already, make sure to apply to GRG’s Destiny Clan. Also, join our Destiny’s player group to get alerts from the site.

We’ll also have some guys running Battlegrounds, maybe some BF1 and various other games. Let us know what you’re playing.

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I’m in for the raid fail.

I’d be down to raid but I don’t have the horsepower for it. My Titan is only around mid 230’s. I’d settle for some crucible though.

Would love to do the raid, but still waiting for cable services to be restored

I’d like to get a full fireteam for Crucible tonight.

Should be on around 8:00 central time

I’ll be on for some Cruicble and Raid if anyone feels up to it.

Just hit me with an invite if you see me on and I’ll join in a heartbeat

I’m down for the raid, Titan 271-278 depending on if I use gear I like or just go for highest LL. I won’t be on until about 9:30PM EST and I can only go until like midnight though. Might stream it too if that’s cool with y’all

LL is 97 but Lala said I should raid anyway.

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Yes, You @anon42851937 @TEXENT should start a 2nd raid team. GG!


Jammer is actually higher than me, I’m at 76 LL


Sounds like a you problem.


Crucible sounds good to me. Any one have any idea when they are releasing custom game mode?

I’ll be on for some D2. A little late though if anyone wants to try the raid closer to 10.

New people don’t wait for an invite just join in if you see people in a party.

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Not high enough for the raid, but i am good for crucible or helping others.

I will be on PUBG after 830 central if anybody is still around. Just let me know if you want to squad or duo

Just broke 200 and finished the story so i will be down for either running Strikes or Crucible

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I’m still a little low for the raid but when I get home will be grinding and would be down for anything in d2. I should be on around 7 central but could be earlier.

Waaaaaay too much Madden for you.