GRG Community NIght - 9/6 Happy D2 Day!

Happy D2 Day to all! Just a reminder that tonight is GRG’s community night. Obviously the main focus for most will be Destiny 2. Let’s try to squad up and run through the campaign together. Everyone can gather around and marvel at the pure awesomeness of the Hunter Class (I can’t blame them).

If you haven’t already, make sure to apply to GRG’s Destiny Clan. Also, join our Destiny’s player group to get alerts from the site.

We’ll also have some guys running Battlegrounds, maybe some BF1 and various other games. Let us know what you’re playing.

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Suppose I’ll be there waiting in a queue like everyone else.

Will be in D2 hopefully around 7pm central.
I played a few missions last night when it released and only sat in the queue for about 15min. If memory serves me right you have to play through a handful of the missions before you can play with a fireteam.

I will be on and ready to group up. Vacation starts today after all. That damn hurricane just needs to change course.

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Reapplied on the Bungie site for membership and will be playing this weekend now that all this hurricane bullshit is over.

When I hopped on this morning around 1am, there wasn’t a queue. I’ve enjoyed quite a bit what I’ve played so far and I had to stop. Mostly because my wifi kept bugging out on me for some strange reason. Anyway, if you catch me online, just toss an invite my way.

Also for anyone curious about pre-order stuff, you can’t get get the weapon or kill tracker ghost until after you complete the main story. Reason I know this is because I looked it up.

I might be able to get my boys granny to take him to football tonight so I can get on.

I’ll be on and off throughout the day. Hit me up to squad up if you see me. I’ll keep an eye out as well! D2 baby! Insert “its happening” gif here

You can find me on D2, after 9pm

Thank you

I’ll be on D2 tonight.

Applied to the clan. And I’ll be on tonight.

I will be on D2 tonight. Will try to get the solo stuff out of the way early so we can squad up at 9 PM.

I’ll be on somewhere other than D2. Maybe Overwatch. Maybe ESO. Hit me up, otherwise I’ll work on my Andromeda campaign.

I’ll be on D2 from whenever my disc shows up until late.
I’ll open a party and throw invites when I’m online and available.

I’ll be on D2. Just started downloading the update, so we’ll see how long that takes…

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on D2 most of evening.

I will be on late if anyone is still up, about 1 AM est

Me @LudwigVonTokkenTakke and “whoever has the PSN handle of Dan_Threepwood” were enjoying playing some story last night in D2 - we were all on different planets so just chatted a little whilst pushing on.

Saw @Doc_Dempsey and @UncleRockin were on too - they were a fair bit ahead of us though.

I did see a bunch of others on and threw out invites - feel free to join even if you just want to talk.
Equally, even if you ignore I will continue to invite each time, just in case you fancy it sometimes.
Send me a message on PSN if you want me to stop :slight_smile:

They went PS4?